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The introduction of unified contacts means that there has been a major evolution in the way you can work with and analyse your data. In line with this, we’re developing a new V3 API service which allows you to make the most of the powerful features of the new Dotdigital.

Our currently available endpoints are in two categories:

All API V1 and V2 calls are still compatible and available for use.

Reference contacts in the APIv3

A single contact can have multiple communication channel identifiers stored against it. A unified contact can be created with either an email address, a mobile number, or both.

In our new APIv3 service we offer a flexible method of referencing a contact. You can refer to a contact using any one of its identifiers:

  • contact ID

  • email

  • mobile number

You must specify which identifier you are using in the API call.

Rate limiting

We have two API call rate limiting schemes in use with Dotdigital APIs:

  • Flat rate limiting - This is our original rate limiting and is based on a given number of API calls per hour.

  • Tiered rate limiting - This is our preferred rate limiting and is based on each API call being in a tier with its own rate limit per minute.

The call rate limiting scheme you use is determined by the API user making the requests. Each API user is assigned a call rate limiting scheme when it is created.

This can be changed later by editing your API user.

Learn more

To learn more about what you can do with the updated API, check out our Developer hub.

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