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Get started with transactional email
Get started with transactional email

Send non-marketing emails to individual contacts based on their interactions with you.

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Transactional email sending methods

⚠️Transactional email vs marketing email

Transactional emails must not contain any marketing content. Using a transactional email to send marketing content is a compliance violation because unsubscribe links are automatically removed from transactional email campaigns.

To protect your sender reputation, you must only use transactional emails for transactional purposes.

Transactional emails can be sent in two ways:

With either method, you might need the help of your developers to get set up for sending transactional email.


A number of our integrations have built in support for sending transactional email. To learn more, check out the Integrations section of the Help Centre.

Transactional email content and design

You can either include the HTML content for a transactional email in the API call or SMTP request you use to send it, or, you can design a transactional email using Dotdigital’s EasyEditor. This allows you to make use of our drag-and-drop design features to match your transactional emails to your company branding.

It’s also possible to add personalisation to transactional email. This works differently to data field personalisation for marketing emails.

Transactional email reporting

The reporting for transactional emails is found in the Analytics area, under Dashboards.

You can filter on successful and unsuccessful sends, search for sends to specific contacts and see open, click, and bounce tracking.

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