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Interactive email design service

Send beautifully designed interactive email campaigns to your contacts.

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Interactive email lets you bring the webpage experience into your email campaigns – forever changing the way your contacts engage with your content.

Our creative team of interactive email designers have three templates, each powered by AMP for email technology, for you to choose from. Each template lets you embed interactive elements, usually associated with webpages, into your email campaigns. This interactivity allows your contacts to do everything within their email client without having to visit an external website.

Benefits of interactive email

There are several benefits to using interactive email:

  • Drive engagement.

  • Make it easier for contacts to, for example, update their preferences.

  • Stand out from the crowd.

  • Our expert creative team do the hard work for you.

Interactive email templates

Our design team can build your interactive email based on one of three interactive email templates: Showcase, Capture, and Discovery.


The perfect template for showcasing your products or services. Contacts can scroll left and right in the email to reveal a series of images or content.



This template is excellent for a complex set of products or services. You can categorise your content to let your contacts interact with the email and reveal content relevant to their needs.



With this template, you can insert a preference centre in an email. Your contacts can then set, edit and modify their subscription preferences right from inside the email.


Start using interactive email

Our team of interactive email designers are on hand to help you start sending stunning interactive emails that work.

Five steps to sending an interactive email:

  1. Get in touch
    Discuss your requirements and campaign scope with our interactive email designers.

    To start talking with us about interactive email, fill in our Contact form.

  2. We design
    We create your campaign precisely the way you need it based on one of our exciting templates.

  3. We build
    Our team get to work coding your finalised design and developing it as an interactive email powered by AMP email technology.

  4. We get it approved by Google
    All interactive emails that use AMP for email technology must be approved by Google before sending. We take care of this for you.

  5. Send from your account
    Once approved, everything is ready to go. You can start sending your campaign from your account.

If you prefer to build your own interactive templates, learn how in Manually add interactivity to your email campaigns with AMP.

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