Lob program extension

Send direct mail and postcards to contacts when they reach the Lob node in your programs.

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Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You should be familiar with our Enable a program extension article.

  • You must have an account with Lob.

  • You must contact your Customer Success representative so they can enable the Lob extension in your account.

Create a Lob channel profile

  1. Expand the User menu and go to Settings > Access > Extension profiles.

  2. Select ADD.

  3. Expand the Provider name drop-down menu and select Lob.

  4. Select OK.

  5. Add your profile and authentication details. If you select Limit the rate that requests are made by this profile, it means Lob won't allow too many requests to be sent at once by the same profile.

  6. Select Next.

  7. Set your data fields.
    Learn more in Create, delete, and edit Custom data fields.

  8. Select Save.

Configure your Lob extension

  1. Go to the Program builder.

  2. Drag the Lob extension node into your program from the Extensions section of the left side panel.

  3. Select the Lob node.

  4. Choose the profile you want to use.


  5. Configure your postcard settings.

  6. Select Apply.

Data requirements

  • Make sure you're supplying accurate data in your requests, otherwise your extension won’t work.

  • We can’t guarantee the success of your extension requests, or verify whether your data is executable, before you use the Lob extension node.

  • Make sure you’re complying with the data requirements of the extension provider.

Test the node

After you complete the configuration process, you should test the extension to see if it works properly:

  1. Select the Lob node.

  2. Select Find contact.

  3. Select a contact from a test list.

  4. Select Submit.

A response is provided, so you can see if the extension is working or not. If your test is successful, select Apply.

Once a program is activated and a contact reaches the Lob node in your program, a postcard is mailed to your contact's address. The contact’s address is provided by the configured contact data fields.

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