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Suppressions and resubscribes in Microsoft Dynamics
Suppressions and resubscribes in Microsoft Dynamics

Learn about suppressions, what happens when a contact resubscribes with a signup form, and how to resubscribe a contact manually.

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Contacts can become suppressed for a number of reasons, for example, due to having hard-bounced or unsubscribed from your email communications. Both Microsoft Dynamics and Dotdigital maintain a list of contacts who are suppressed and therefore should not or cannot be sent any marketing emails. The connector allows you to share these lists of suppressions between both systems.

If a contact unsubscribes, they might change their mind and ask you to resubscribe them, or even resubscribe themselves using a signup form.

When this happens, we add the contact back into the master Contacts list in Dotdigital. The contact doesn't return to any other lists they were in previously unless they resubscribe using a signup form that lets them choose those lists specifically.

To resubscribe a contact manually using Dotdigital, or if you're not a Microsoft Dynamics user, learn more in Resubscribe a contact.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Only resubscribe contacts that explicitly request it

    After every resubscription, we send the contact a confirmation email. If the contact reports email abuse from the confirmation email, the report is logged against your account and the resubscription is unsuccessful.

  • Use these connector versions or higher

    You must be using one of these versions (or higher) of the Dotdigital for Microsoft Dynamics connector:

    • 2011:

    • 2013:

    • 2015 and 2016:


When email addresses are added directly to the Microsoft Dynamics suppression list this creates a suppression record in Dotdigital.

When contacts become suppressed in Dotdigital, for example if they unsubscribe, they are synchronised back to Microsoft Dynamics and are added to the Email Suppression list. In addition, the contacts also have their Bulk Email contact preference updated to Do Not Allow.

If you attempt to send an email campaign to a suppressed contact, they are automatically removed from the Target Marketing List.

Email Suppression List

To review the Email Suppression List in Microsoft Dynamics, select Email Suppressions under the heading Dotdigital from the left side menu.

To view your suppressed contacts in Dotdigital, go to Audience > Suppressions.

Bulk Email Contact Preference

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics, go to Contacts under Marketing in the left side menu.

  2. Select the name or email address of the Contact from the list. You can use the Search field to locate a specific record.

  3. Select Details. The Bulk Email field is found in the Contact Methods section.


Multiple connected accounts

If there are multiple Dotdigital accounts connected to a single instance of Microsoft Dynamics the suppressions are updated in each Dotdigital account. You can disable this feature in the Account Administration area.

Learn more about configuring this setting in Administration Settings in Microsoft Dynamics.

Resubscribe with a signup form

An unsubscribed contact can manually resubscribe themselves using a signup form. When this happens, you don't need to take any action, but the following process automatically takes place between Dotdigital and Microsoft Dynamics.

  1. After a contact submits your signup form, we remove the contact from the Dotdigital suppression list.

  2. We add the contact to the Contacts master list in Dotdigital, and any additional lists the contact requested on the signup form.

  3. When the next suppression synchronisation with Microsoft Dynamics happens, we

    • Add the contact to your Microsoft Dynamics account

    • Remove them from the suppression list

    • Update the contact's resubscription status

  4. If necessary, we remove any bulk email restrictions from the contact record.

Learn more about signup forms in Dotdigital in Create a signup form.

Manually resubscribe a contact in Microsoft Dynamics

If a contact asks you to resubscribe them, you can do this manually in Microsoft Dynamics.

To resubscribe a contact:

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics, go to Email suppressions in the left side menu, under the heading Dotdigital.

  2. Select the contact’s email address from the list.

  3. Under the heading General, select the Request Resubscribe check box.


  4. Select Save.

When the next suppression sync runs, Microsoft Dynamics sends the contact a resubscription confirmation email. Once the contact confirms their resubscription, Microsoft Dynamics completes the resubscription process.

The resubscription process in Microsoft Dynamics

Once the contact confirms resubscription, Microsoft Dynamics completes the resubscription process:

  1. Removes the contact from the email suppressions list

  2. Adds a resubscription status to the contact's Notes field

  3. Updates the Resubscribe Request Date

  4. Next time the suppression sync runs, removes any bulk email restrictions

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