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Send transactional emails with Shopware Flow Builder
Send transactional emails with Shopware Flow Builder

Automate responses to events that happen in your Shopware store using your Dotdigital created content.

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You can use Shopware Flow Builder to trigger sends of your Dotdigital transactional emails.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • The Dotdigital for Shopware - Flow Builder extension must be installed and enabled on your Shopware account.

  • We recommend you test your Shopware flows before activating them.

  • You need a triggered transactional email campaign ready in your Dotdigital account.

  • You must adhere to our transactional email content rules.

1. Create a transactional email trigger

The first step is to choose what you want to trigger your transactional email sends:

  1. In Shopware, go to Settings > Flow Builder and select Add flow.


  2. Enter your flow’s general information, including: Name, Description, and Priority.

  3. Turn on the Active toggle to set your flow to active.

    Alternatively, you can come back and activate your flow at the end.


  4. Select the Flow tab at the top.


  5. Expand the Trigger drop-down menu and choose a trigger.

    For this example we’ll expand the Newsletter drop-down menu and choose Register.


2. Add a transactional email action

Next we need to add a transactional email send as a response to the trigger:

  1. On the Add conditions or actions menu, select Add action (THEN).

  2. Expand the Action drop-down menu and select Send email with Dotdigital.


3. Enter your recipients

Choose who you want to send your transactional email to.

  1. Expand the Recipient drop-down menu and choose who you want to send your transactional email to.

    For this example, we want to send to multiple emails addresses, so we’ll choose Custom.

  2. For Email address or Shopware variable, enter the email address or Shopware variable you want the transactional email to send to.
    For this example:

    • We will add the Shopware variable ####{{ newsletterRecipient }} so it also sends to our customer.

    • We will also add our account’s admin email to let us know a new customer has registered.

      For more information, check out the article Shopware variables.


4. Enter your transactional email ID

The final step is to find your transactional email campaign ID in Dotdigital and add it to the flow:

  1. Find and open your triggered campaign in Dotdigital.

  2. Copy the digits from the last part of the URL.

    This is your campaign's ID.


  3. In Shopware, for Triggered campaign ID, paste your triggered campaign’s ID number.


  4. Select Add Action.

  5. Select Save.

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