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Learn how to use the Zapier trigger for Dotdigital.

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A trigger is an event that starts a Zap. Triggers are followed by actions. The Dotdigital app for Zapier has one trigger, which is a new form response.

Triggers can be followed by actions in any Zapier app. For example, Zapier has the following pre-built Zaps that you can use:

Triggering an action after a new form response

Please note: You need the Surveys, pages, and forms tool to be able to use this trigger.

This trigger is fired every time you receive a new response to a selected survey, page, or form.

  1. In Zapier, select Make a Zap.

  2. Select the page or form that you want to monitor for new responses

  3. Select Continue.

  4. Pick a sample response to use to test your Zap later.

    Be careful not to use a real contact's email address in case you create an action that sends an email.

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