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21 June 2023 - Dotdigital release notes - 2023.2.6
21 June 2023 - Dotdigital release notes - 2023.2.6
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On 21 June 2023, we released a maintenance upgrade for Dotdigital. Here's what's changed:

What's new ✨


  • For files which failed to upload due to invalid JSON, the status message in import history now includes the file name.

Commerce flow

  • The additional attributes required for abandoned browse are now added to the automatically injected Web behavior tracking script when using the installation wizard for Shopify.

  • Shopware 6 Bridge connections now sync guest orders and create contacts for guests in Dotdigital.


  • Segments created from the persona movement report now auto-generate to show the contact count.

Dotdigital Signup form (v6.0.3)

Magento 2 (v4.21.2)

Bug fixes πŸ›

We've made more than 25 other bug fixes and improvements.

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