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24 May 2023 - Dotdigital for Shopware (v1.0.1) and (v2.0.1)
24 May 2023 - Dotdigital for Shopware (v1.0.1) and (v2.0.1)
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Notice for all merchants using this app.

  • A reminder that we have upgraded our app for compatibility with Shopware 6.5.

  • We recommend upgrading to the newest available version of the app for your version of Shopware, to take advantage of improvements to abandoned carts (see below).

Improvements (v1.0.1 and v2.0.1)

  • The way we handle abandoned carts has been improved so that only carts that contain items, or have contained items, will be pushed to Dotdigital. This improvement means:

    • less complicated logic in your Dotdigital abandoned cart program

    • more reliable capture of cart abandonments

    • fewer API requests from your store

  • In addition, we’ve made a change so that, even if you have set a Cart Delay in your extension configuration, this will not apply to completed orders. This means that contacts can be exited from a program as soon as they’ve placed an order.

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