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22 April 2020 - Engagement Cloud release notes for 2020.2.2
22 April 2020 - Engagement Cloud release notes for 2020.2.2
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What’s new


  • We've added a message to the Abandoned browse block that explains the setup process to users that are not set up to use abandoned browse.

  • The report charts now handle incomplete data for the current month more efficiently.

  • There's now a hover state when you hover over the Customer dashboard tiles.

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Reporting (email)

  • You can now hide deleted links in the Links and clicks report.


  • SMS messages that don't contain a link, and therefore cannot be tracked, no longer show 0 for clicks in the SMS reports. Instead, they show a dash.

  • Link shortening now works for links that contain full stops, commas, and other punctuation.

  • When you go to the Contacts page while sending an SMS, Engagement Cloud now automatically selects Send immediately by default.

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Plus, we've made over 55 other bug fixes and improvements!

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