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11 October 2023 - Dotdigital for Magento 2 (v4.23.0)
11 October 2023 - Dotdigital for Magento 2 (v4.23.0)
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  • We refactored many controller classes to replace usage of $this→getRequest().

  • We’ve removed avoidable usages of protected access for properties and methods.

  • The NewsletterManageIndexPlugin is now an ‘after’ plugin not an ‘around’ plugin.

  • We fixed all outstanding PHPStan errors (level 2).

  • We removed a deprecated method in the UrlFinder class which was calling a non-API core method.

  • We now specify the sales_order table in a WHERE clause for order statuses in customer sync.

Bug fixes

  • We updated a block reference in the LogViewer layout XML.

  • We fixed a 401 console error that appeared when viewing URLs from * in an iframe via the admin.

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