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10 January 2024 - Dotdigital release notes - 2024.1.1
10 January 2024 - Dotdigital release notes - 2024.1.1

On 10 January 2024, we released a maintenance upgrade for Dotdigital. Here's what's changed.

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What's new ✨


  • We’ve added the ability to search for drop-down values in an App block parameter.


  • The last updated date of each catalog is now visible as its own column in the catalog list table.


  • Split test campaign links can now be tracked separately with UTMs. Learn more.

  • We've improved the Japanese translation of the forms Update your preferences and Unsubscribe.

Dotdigital for WordPress (v7.1.1)

Bug fixes 🐛

We've made 20 other bug fixes and improvements.

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