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24 April 2024 - Dotdigital for Zapier (v2.1.0)
24 April 2024 - Dotdigital for Zapier (v2.1.0)
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What’s new

  • Updated the Create or Update Contact event to allow contact creation by mobile number.

  • Updated the Unsubscribe Contact event to unsubscribe mobile numbers.

  • The Enrol Contact in Program event now accepts mobile numbers.

  • Added a new Send Transactional SMS event.

  • Added a new Send SMS event (for marketing messages).

  • Added a Resubscribe Contact event.


  • All resources now fetch all available data: lists, programs, campaigns, segments, surveys.

  • We updated our app to the latest version of zapier-platform-core.

  • We updated our branding in all titles, labels and help texts.

  • The Send Campaign event is now Send Email Campaign.

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