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Learn about social media and app messaging communication channels.


Email and SMS are great options for contacting the people you want to reach, but with Dotdigital you also have access to a whole range of other options. This means that you can ensure that you’re communicating with your contacts through their preferred channels. This can help to increase your engagement, customer satisfaction and efficiency.


Use cases

  • Allow your contacts to respond to alerts, reminders and notifications, and to receive them on their favourite messaging app.
  • Handle customer enquiries or responses more efficiently.
  • Make it easy for contacts to communicate with you wherever they are and whatever they’re doing.
  • Deliver both marketing and transactional messages.
  • Invite contacts to interact with you directly using channels they’re already familiar with and using day-to-day.

These types of interactions are key to providing an impressive customer experience.

Available channels

There are a number of social and app messaging channels you can access through Dotdigital.

Setup advice

For most app or social media messaging, your developers are likely to need to do some work to help you get up and running. Depending on the nature of the setup process, the documentation for these channels can be found on both our Help Centre and our Developer Hub.

Available channels are:

  • Push notifications
    When users receive a push notification to their mobile phone through your app, they see the message regardless of whether they are using the app at the time. As a result, you can be sure that your messages aren't lost in a spam filter or buried in an inbox, increasing engagement.
  • WhatsApp
    Consumers are today autonomous in their buying behaviour. They can enter the traditional sales funnel now at any stage, empowered by their own online or first-hand research. Using WhatsApp opens a key line of communication with your customers.
  • Twitter DMs
    Take public Tweet conversations private to resolve customer issues, and automate replies with chatbots so you can reach more people with less overhead.
  • Facebook Messenger
    Use Facebook Messenger to send messages to your users, or engage with them in two way conversations.
  • LINE Messaging
    Use our LINE integration to enable the LINE node in automation programs, which can be used to send messages to opted in customers.
  • SMS to Email
    Forward incoming SMS messages from a long number, short code, or shared short code and keyword to one or more email contacts.
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