Upgrade 12 April 2017 - Easier access to editing contacts and campaigns

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 12 April 2017 includes the following changes:

  • Edit contacts and campaigns directly from lists
    You can now click on a contact's email address or a campaign name in a contact/campaign list and you'll get taken straight through to the 'Manage contact' screen or EasyEditor respectively.

  • EasyEditor styles now get stored in the email <head>
    Styles used by EasyEditor's style manager now get stored in the <head> of a campaign as opposed to the <body>. Whilst this won't provide any noticeable benefit just yet, this change has been made to pave the way for even better mobile support for emails, which will follow in the coming weeks.

Other enhancements

  • In the Shopify connector (beta), we've removed some redundant fields in the 'Field mapping' tab that weren't supported by Shopify - 'Birthday', 'Gender', 'Website', 'Fax' and 'Company'
  • Over 20 bug fixes and performance improvements.
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