Upgrade 13 September 2017 - Launch of dotmailer 17three

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 13 September 2017 includes:

Launch of dotmailer17three

We're delighted to announce the release of dotmailer 17three.

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Today's changes include:

dotmailer's had a makeover!

We hope you'll like dotmailer's freshened up look and feel. Don't despair though - it's certainly not a radical change, and we haven't made any functional alterations. It's still the dotmailer you know and love, just more stylish! 


We have changed a few aspects, however, most notably with the introduction of a side navigation bar, plus the settings menu is now positioned in the bottom left of the app as opposed to the top right corner.


One key improvement of the redesign is that the app now also intelligently fills bigger screens, as are increasingly being used, whilst any forms you're working with won't stretch out in an unwelcome fashion: they'll remain nice, neat and compact. Plus we've introduced a revamped send confirmation page.

Program templates

You can now select one of our free program templates – ‘Birthday program’, ‘Re-engagement program’ and ‘Welcome program’. These are available when creating a new program. A blank template is still, of course, available, but for those who are looking for an extra helping hand and initial some structure in getting started, then these are ideal companions.


Furthermore, we've doubled the standard active program allowance per account from 25 to at least 50 active programs.

dotmailer for Magento v6.3.5 release

You can now get the latest version of dotmailer for Magento, featuring the following improvements and fixes:

  • We've introduced a new abandoned cart report table and improved the way we process and send abandoned cart campaigns
  • Customer sales data fields could get mixed up when multiple store views existed under a single website; this has been fixed
  • An error would occur due to the attempted retrieval of a non-object in the newsletter subscription section; this no longer happens
  • Email activity for new customers in the admin panel has now been fixed
  • We fixed an error that would occur when trying to send campaigns with a disabled API connection

Other improvements

  • Corporate partners today also get the new look admin console which, again, you’ve been familiar with for quite some time
  • The scheduled contact importer is now out of beta
  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented
  • Plus over 30 bug fixes
View the dotmailer roadmap to see what we're currently working on, and what's coming up »
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