Can I add GIFs into emails?

Of course, you can add GIFs as images into your emails. However, there are a few things you should know: 

  1. The maximum image/GIF size you can upload is 10MB. If you try to upload anything larger, it won't work. You can sometimes reduce the GIF size by removing some frames. You'll need to use third-party image editing software to do it. 
  2. GIFs don't 'animate' in every email client as each provider chooses to process/handle them slightly differently. Right now, we know GIFs don't animate in Outlook. Instead, Outlook shows a still image of the first frame. The good news is we know they animate in the Gmail client, but it can vary from time to time depending on the browser version you're running.
  3. Test sends are key to success! We'd encourage you to do some test sends using different email clients to open the email. This'll help you achieve the desired final results before hitting the all-important send button.
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