Understanding contacts

What is a contact?

Contacts are people whose email addresses you have.

You can store all sorts of other data against them too, such as their full name, company name, where they live, their date of birth, their interests, and so on.

How is contact information stored?

Information is stored against a contact in a 'contact data field'. 

You'll already have some basic contact data fields to begin with, such as 'FIRSTNAME' and 'LASTNAME', but you're able to create more.

Where are contacts and their information stored?

Contacts and their information are stored in your address books. You're able to create address books, and you can organise your contacts into them as you want.

How do contacts get added?

You can add contacts to your account in two main ways:

  • upload them in bulk in a file
  • add them one at a time

You'll also find there are some other ways you can do it though, such as via a signup form or through our surveys and forms tool

What can I do with my contacts?

You can send your contacts email (of course!) - but there are many other useful things you can do with them, such as:

That's not everything though - you'll discover more as you use the platform. 

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