Upgrade 6 December 2017 - Contact management and program builder improvements

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 6 December 2017 includes the following changes:

Contact management improvements

With a firm eye on helping you to comply with the upcoming GDPR, and also to make managing contacts easier, we've introduced some changes and enhancements to how contacts are exported and deleted. 

To summarise:

  • When viewing or editing an individual contact, two contact actions are now available – export and delete
  • When deleting a contact, the contact will now be placed in the account's recycle bin for 30 days, after which time they're deleted 
  • You can now view your 'binned' contacts in the account 'Recycle bin', which is located in the settings menu (this used to be ‘Utilities’). It's only accessible by account admins. The recycle bin can be emptied, and contacts can be recovered before 30 days are up.
  • You can now export or delete a suppressed contact's data; this deletion is immediate and they don't go into the recycle bin - however, we do keep a record of their email address in order to ensure we always honour the suppression, should they ever get re-added
  • Where a subsequently deleted contact's email address is referenced in reporting and program statistics/reporting, they'll appear instead as 'Deleted contact'


In terms of the upcoming GDPR, these changes help you to comply with a 'Subject Access Request' (SAR) (when a contact asks for the information held on them) and a 'Right To Be Forgotten' request (when a contact wants to be removed from their system).

Read more about these contact management improvements in our blog.

Support articles covering these changes are:

We've also added a new operation/method to the API so the recycle bin can be emptied: 

Program builder improvement

You're now able to:

  • create a new program directly from the 'Subscription' node


Commerce Flow: Shopify/Shopify Plus enhancement

Shopify/Shopify Plus users now have their ROI tracking set up automatically when they install the connector. Existing Shopify users will need to update their dotmailer app in Shopify to get it working.

Other enhancements

  • We've also made over 60 bugs fixes and performance improvements.
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