Upgrade 7 December 2016 - Maintenance deploy

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 7 December 2016 includes the following changes:

  • Change to the login page location

    You now get redirected to login.dotmailer.com, instead of www.dotmailer.com/login, when logging in.

    We're trying this out because login.dotmailer.com is hosted in the app rather than on our marketing site. This means that if there's a problem with the marketing site, you won't be affected and will still be able to log in.

  • Other enhancements
    • Campaign reporting now says 'Collecting' instead of displaying zeroes when waiting for the first reporting results to come in
    • Plus over 40 bug fixes and performance improvements. These include now being able to enrol contacts into a program more than once a day for 'every day' enrolments after having changed the enrolment time (from 09:00 to 16:00, for example), whilst in the Salesforce connector, accounts in region 2 can now add custom mapping of contact data fields, plus contact level reporting is now synced for all email activity provided the contact exists within the customer's Salesforce org.
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