What did we update in 2010? A big round up

We're delving deep down into our release notes to let you know what we've added, changed and updated in dotMailer last year.
We've grouped our releases by dotMailer section to make it a little more digestible. Ther's lots of little things we do behind the scenes that makes using dotMailer a more pleasurable experience and makes it even easier for you to use. Take a look for yourself.
  • We no longer let users bulk remove all contacts in the All Contacts address book. To do this now, use 'Remove all contacts from my account'
  • Even if the address book that a double opt-in is being added to has been deleted, the contact will be added to your dotMailer contacts database
  • The join/unsubscribe action tabs in the address book properties page no longer include deleted campaigns
  • Contacts will now still be viewable even if you set a custom data label as your default sort in the contacts listing and then delete the custom from data label.
  • Geo mapping now reads post code data correctly to return geo mapping segmentation queries
  • Segmentation queries now select all matching contacts on queries using sliding date values, regardless of the change of year at New Year.
  • Unlike other queries, queries using the sliding date value don’t automatically refresh when sent to so we’ve introduced a manual refresh button.
  • Selecting Never unsubscribe soft bouncers will now continue to sending to all contacts, regardless of number of soft bounces
  • Segmentation queries have been improved when selecting ‘Is empty’ on a non text field.
  • Saving segmentation queries using a ‘is empty’ condition could return an invalid filters message, this should now work in all cases.
  • When importing data you can choose how your data is merged – 
  • update all existing fields, 
  • don’t update existing fields with blank, 
  • merge data keeping existing values
  • The contact import report no longer shows ‘phantom’ bouncers
  • We’ve speeded up the contact importer
  • Data will now upload to all mapped custom data from fields, even if they are brand new, just created fields.
  • A message now appears if you try to add a contact with a suppressed domain to your database
  • If a suppression list is uploaded with an email address which is not currently in the database, dotMailer will not add the email address to the suppression list.
  • The "merge address books" feature has been changed to execute differently, resulting in a much faster calculation when merging large address books.
  • We've strengthened the links between contact data fields and surveys so that if you are trying to delete a custom contact data field, dotMailer will correctly tell you where that field is in use
  • We’ve launched the dotMailer Watchdog which protects delivery reputations and stops spammers in their tracks.
  • You can sort by Last Mailed Date in your dotMailer All Contacts address book
  • If you go over 600 address books we’ll let you know
  • We’ve improved the segmentation query refresh functionality
  • We’ve speeded up the ‘add contacts to address book’ page for larger accounts
  • We've updated our data importer so larger Excel files import easier
  • Behavioural queries now let you pick from triggered campaigns, as well as normal ones
  • Campaigns automatically repair themselves if the associated custom from address is deleted
  • Soft bounced contacts sometimes didn't remove themselves when crossing the soft bounce threshold, they do now.
  • A more performant option has been put in for dealing with Excel 2007 spreadsheets.
Editing your Campaign
  • Social bookmark links now use the tracking domain set for that particular campaign, rather than the default domain and no longer include a title with HTML in it.
  • We’ve added a new social network link – Viadeo
  • Images which are resized or cropped will preserve the original format, i.e. jpeg, gif or png
  • Images without DPI information can now be resized
  • You can now rename images in the image manager
  • Images that were relatively based within the campaign content (e.g. http://example.com/../cmpimg/1.gif could get corrupted if the tracking domain was different - this is fixed).
  • “target=blank” is now added to ALL links when clicking from the hosted campaign version.
  • Templates in lockdown mode now respect line breaks in the HTML version
  • We’ve fixed the welsh version of the unsubscribe and forward to a friend pages so text and button are no longer occasionally viewed as blank.
  • Our tracking gif image now has an empty alt text tag, for increased accessibility support.
  • Tracking links which have been rewritten by broken mail clients to be lower case, should work regardless.
  • You can now create a working trigger with the same name as the last one
  • Testing your campaign
  • Image cropping and resizing now works correctly for inbox preview images. No longer will it show the full, long image.
  • The campaign editor will let you restore previous campaign versions and will automatically save drafts for you in case you want to go back to a previous version.
  • dotMailer will automatically detect duplicate images on upload to the image library, so you don’t need to store more than one copy of an image
  • RSS feeds in campaigns are now more tolerant of changed HTML
  • If recipients add a space between email addresses when Forwarding to a Friend dotMailer recognizes this.
  • We’ve stopped a duplicate campaign sometimes being created when creating a campaign from a template
  • New Google Analytics tracking
  • You can now rename folders in the image manager (just click the folder icon)
  • Firefox have fixed a bug where anchor links didn't work in our preview pane
  • The dynamic content rule editor would have display problems in IE if many rules were set, it doesn't now
  • Campaign templates didn't always refresh their thumbnail when saving content.
Testing your campaign
  • We’ve done the base preparation for Content Split Testing (Watch this space)
  • Sending your campaign
  • My Timezone. Available for Beta testing, all dates and times in your local timezone
  • We’ve optimized the bounce checking code for faster results
Sending your campaign
  • We’ve increased the speed of send when sending campaigns containing dynamic content tenfold
  • Triggered campaigns no longer show a ‘send finished’ notification to users. 
  • When selecting a time to send a scheduled campaign, the “scheduled” radio button is now automatically selected
Campaign Reporting
  • You can now export a filtered unique click report
  • In report filtering you can now select an address book and then select another address book to filter by using the radio buttons. 
  • We’ve fixed the browser rendering on the compare campaigns feature
  • Email Client Analysis included Outlook 2010
  • The reporting overview screen now shows the right value for ‘Link clicks’ – i.e. the total number of campaign clicks. Unique clicks for each link can be calculated when drilling down.
  • Web mail and reply forwarding will now include the subject line too.
  • Improved mail client analytic detection, including iPad, Android nad Nokia/Symbian
  • Email campaign hotspot now shows the correct overlay for the plaintext version
  • When filtering campaigns, on the second load of the summary page, the unique clicks no longer revert to the unfiltered quantity
  • Current month activity report now includes partially sent cancelled campaigns
  • For Standard and Lite users we’ve stopped the Compare Performance menu option from appearing.
  • New Google Analytics tracking, automatically setting the Source, Medium, Campaign and Content to use in your Google Analytics reporting.
  • When viewing tagged campaigns, campaigns will now show for all time rather than the last 30 days
  • Replies to your campaign will appear faster and replies which contain javascript are now shown in raw HTML mode for safety
  • Images sometimes went missing from the weekly/daily email report about sent campaigns; this should be less likely to happen now
  • You couldn't select a logo in the "customise print report" screen, if you used IE.
  • A number of improvements have been made to the way page views and ROI tracking hits are handled.
  • Replies with missing from headers sometimes were not being forwarded - fixed
  • Replies with the KOI8-R character set (Russian, Bulgarian) were being saved incorrectly and thus only partially readable.
  • New API methods: ListContactsInAddressBookWithFullData, ListUnsubscribersAddressBook, ListModifiedContactsInAddressBook, GetContactImportReport, GetContactImportReportFaults
  • Some issues in the site tracking script generator have been fixed
  • The "subject" line in the replies reporting section was always blank, subject line now shows
Survey & Microsite Builder
  • You can now view reports for all surveys, even if you have more than 20 live surveys
  • The Likert charts in the Survey reporting now shows the correct figures
  • We’ve added validation to questions mapped to numeric data fields and added Required question functionality for numeric questions.
  • Graphs for Likert questions with an ampersand in the key name will now render.
  • The survey link in emails will change to the anonymized version when forwarded using the forward to a friend feature.
  • The survey tool could lose answers if the person filling in the form took over 30 minutes before pressing next.
  • If a campaign is sent to an empty address book via the API, the campaign is automatically cancelled and deleted from the Outbox.
  • We’ve made changes to the error message received when creating a contact via the API which is already suppressed
  • If a Salesforce user changes their password causing the synchronization to fail, we’ll let the user know via the notifications system.
  • We’ve added new method which lets you bulk import contacts and receive progress information on the import
  • When sending a scheduled campaign via the API, the campaign will not show as sent, unless it has been delivered
Whitelabels & Resellers
  • We’ve made the boxes on the dotMailer Overview homepage openable/closeable for you to choose what your clients see.
  • Multiple pages of templates are now possible in the back end console template manager
Corporate Accounts
  • We’ve added an accounts comparison tool which lets you compare multiple campaigns from different accounts for the top parent account
  • Your billing plan will no longer reset when visiting the billing audit tab if your billing plan is set to anything other than pounds
  • All managed log ins will now appear in the administration console.
  • The Recent Sends section in the administration console can now return information if you have sent more than 2,000 emails in the last 5 days.
  • Managed log ins with invoice viewing permission can now see the invoices.
  • The administration total sends tab now shows sends for the first month after the administration account is activated.
  • The corporate console account comparison tool now exports the account name when comparing reports across multiple accounts
  • The Watchdog screen in the corp console will fit on 1024x768 monitors now.
Any Other
  • dotMailer now remembers the settings you set to display data fields.
  • Terms and conditions have changed, and must be agreed to upon login
  • Upgraded storage for Image and Document manager, Inbox Preview and campaign and template thumbnail storage.
  • When logged in as a managed user, the manged user will no longer see the name of the full account
  • Improved user account email validation 
  • We’ve optimized the useraccount searching and listings pages
  • SMS campaigns are now available for beta testing to those who have an Enterprise account.
  • Billing settings can no longer be duplicated
  • The campaign editor will let you restore previous campaign versions and will automatically save drafts for you in case you want to go back to a previous version.
  • dotMailer will automatically detect duplicate images on upload to the image library, so you don’t need to store more than one copy of an image
  • RSS feeds in campaigns are now more tolerant of changed HTML
  • If recipients add a space between email addresses when Forwarding to a Friend dotMailer recognizes this.
  • We’ve stopped a duplicate campaign sometimes being created when creating a campaign from a template
  • Two new permissions have been added for your managed logins; the ability to export contacts and the ability to drill down into campaign reports
  • Managed user setup sets the default permissions to ‘off’
  • We’ve introduced email invoicing. Emails are now sent to the main contact and any billing contact with a link to view your invoices in your dotMailer account.
  • When exporting your invoices, the export contains the sent date for the campaigns
  • We’ve stopped the Triggers tab showing in Professional, Standard and Lite editions.
  • In SMS campaigns, we now check for non-sendable characters (e.g. Microsoft Office “smartquotes”)
  • We've updated our SMS messaging service so you no longer need more credits than the number of people you're sending to.
  • Our translation systems (for the translated unsubscribe and forward to a friend pages) now have a better data model underneath
  • You can delete old exports from the export system
  • We've fixed a bug in a Microsoft component we use, that stopped popups appearing sometimes.
  • You can now change the mail forwarding for custom from addresses
  • We’ve speeded up our thumbnail generation
  • We've  made dotMailer faster for anyone using a low speed broadband or modem by limiting the page weights to 100kb or less
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