Upgrade 16/05/2011

Tonight we had an upgrade which, along with a raft of minor improvements, also included:

  • Improved reporting
    • New UI to make key tasks easier
    • All report types are now filterable
    • You can now print filtered reports
  • Dynamic reply addresses
    • Reply addresses for campaigns can now contain custom data fields (so replies from contacts can go to an address you set on a per-contact basis)
  • Document manager now available on EasyEditor
    • The beta of EasyEditor now allows you to insert links to documents from the document manager (just as on Classic Editor)
  • Randomised samples on split testing
    • Previously, when performing a test send and choosing n% to test on before picking a winner, the n% were picked in order of their dotMailer ID; the n% are now picked at random from whole the address book
  • New and improved live chat
    • There is now a new, easier to use live chat option when you click 'Help'; it will also automatically create a support ticket for you, so you can review the discussion here at any time.

All these improvements are available in your account now.


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    Loving the reporting improvements. It's going to be interesting to see if the randomised split test samples make a difference to the results (I suspect they will).