How to share suppression lists between accounts


Our corporate account users can now share suppression lists between their parent and child accounts.

This is useful if you use child accounts to manage campaign segregation, but don't want to run the risk of emailing a suppressed contact in one account from another.  For example: You may want to do this if you have child accounts for each of your offices, as when a contact unsubscribes from one office, another won't be able to inadvertently contact them again. 

Note: Shared suppression lists are only available on accounts in the UK/EU region (those with the application domain prefixed with 'r1'.)

How to set up shared suppressions

Step 1

Log in to your parent account, and go to Contacts > Suppressed Contacts > Shared lists

Step 2

You will see a list of your child accounts. Select each account that you want to share suppressions between.  Leave unselected accounts that should maintain their own suppression lists. Click Update.

Any suppressions associated with the selected accounts will get moved into one suppression list, shared between the accounts.  Suppression list synchronisations are not instant and take place on a daily basis across accounts, so allow up to 24 hours for your list to become fully shared.

You can change the accounts that are using the shared list at any time, by revisiting this page.

Once the list is fully shared amongst your selected accounts, the 'Bounce threshold' options will become unavailable for the included child accounts.  Instead, the bounce thresholds will be controlled by the parent account (even if the parent account is not part of the shared accounts).

How to view previous updates

If you need to view previous updates made on the shared suppression lists, click 'Update history'. This will show you the date the changes were made, and when the share was completed.  It will also show you the total number of accounts currently in the share, how many suppressed contacts were shared and how many suppressed domains were shared.

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    What about if you only want child account opt-outs to be valid on that account only and not with the parent account?

    Our parent and child account have 2 functions in terms of communication to our alumni-audience. The parent account is run by the Alumni Relations team and they send general university communications including information newsletters, event invites etc on a regular basis to the full database of alumni with email addresses. The child account is run by the Annual Fund team and the emails sent to alumni are of a fundraising nature, soliciting donations to support the university. These are sent to a sub-section of the database. Clearly the child account sees more unsubs than the parent account as we're asking them for donations.

    The unsubscribe function for the annual fund child account opts people out of further fundraising emails only and not general UCL communications as people are usually happy to receive general emails about UCL activities. If someone unsubscribes from the parent account Alumni Relations then this should mean they receive no further UCL emails and in particular emails of a fundraising nature.

    However, we need an automatic suppression from the parent account which will opt-out any general communication unsubscribes or hard bounces from any child account communications but not the other way round. At present, I have to ask the Alumni Relations team for their unsubscribes/hard bounces and upload these manually to my child account suppression list to ensure no one is being emailed fundraising communications who have actively opted-out of all UCL communications.

    I understand there is code available so that both accounts speak to each other, but what we really need is for opt-outs from the parent account to be passed automatically to the child account and not vice-versa.

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    Hi Derek,

    Interesting thought there.  We don't have a way to do one-way sharing of suppression lists at present, but we can add it to the list of feature requests ( and see if anyone else would find it helpful.

    From what I understand, you want:

    • When someone is suppressed from the parent account, they area also suppressed from all child accounts
    • When someone is suppressed from the child account, they are only suppressed from that account (and not from any others)

    Until such a time as it is in the app, it would be possible to set up a scheduled task to copy all new suppressions from the parent account to the child account using the dotMailer API.  We do have a team dealing with bespoke projects who may be able to set this up for you; or if you have any developers to hand who could put this together there's some documentation at

    Another solution, although I appreciate that it might not work for you in this scenario, is to use address books rather than child accounts; that way someone can choose to unsubscribe from the fundraising address books, but not the whole account.


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    In a scenario where you have mutliple child accounts (A, B, C) plus a parent, if the lists are shared does that mean that the parent and A, B, C all share 1 list effectively?

    Or do A, B and C each have their own individual lists which are shared centrally with the parent but not each other?