Upgrade 08/01/2012

Today's scheduled maintenance and upgrade is complete, including the following improvements:

Social Sharing Features

We've upgraded the Social Sharing interface in EasyEditor, it's now its very own EasyEditor element that you can drop into your campaign.

Not only that, but there are also new buttons to help you to share your campaign on your own social networks once it's been sent.

As if that wasn't enough, the reporting section has also been upgraded including showing views on social networks for campaigns that you've shared through dotMailer.

Google Analytics in App

You already know that dotMailer can automatically tag your campaigns with Google Analytics tracking codes; well now you can also view your Google Analytics reports for a campaign without even leaving dotMailer. Our new reporting option shows you a range of analytics data from bounce rates and time on site, to goal tracking and return on investment.

This feature will not be accessible by default, please contact your account manager to have it enabled on your account.

See the forum for how to enable Google Analytics within your account.

Resubscribing Contacts

A user who has totally unsubscribed from your account is now able to opt back in. Unlike the forward to a friend and unsubscribe pages, this is currently only available in English. See the forum for how to resubscribe a contact.

Contacts who unsubscribed from a particular addressbook using the preference centre are no longer permanently suppressed from that address book; they can now resubscribe using the same preference centre.

New API methods

Three new API methods have been created, full details for these can be found on the dotMailer API documentation. The methods are:

EasyEditor Permissions

While we've been beta testing dotMailer's EasyEditor, most features have been available to all users. We've now started to bring this back in line to normal permissions. This means that some features you may have been enjoying have disappeared (for example: document manager and dynamic content are not available for all accounts).

Triggered Campaign Interface

The campaign creation process has been redesigned for triggered campaigns, this includes alerts specific to triggered campaigns and removing several irrelevant items. See the forum for how to create a triggered campaign.

Forward to a Friend / Unsubscribe redesign

We've redesigned the Forward-to-a-Friend and Unsubscribe pages; functionally you shouldn't notice any difference. If you do, let us know.

For dotMailer Test Pilots

We're very excited to be releasing to dotMailer test pilots the new segmentation tool; this drag and drop interface can be used to create queries and (subject to user testing) will ultimately replace behavioural and segmentation queries.

Want to help us test this tool? Become a dotMailer test pilot.

For Corporate accounts and dotMailer Resellers

  • The stepped campaign creation process and EasyEditor have now been enabled for all accounts; campaigns and templates created using the classic editor will continue to use that editor.
  • We've made a few changes to the application styling which means that where you previously might have seen errant bits of dotMailer green (for example the logging out text), you should now find it in your own colour palette.
  • Livechat is now enabled in the administration area
  • A few issues have been resolved with adding child accounts and for moving existing accounts to be child accounts

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • The campaign reporting page now shows full subject lines and from addresses. If the campaign was split tested, the successful subject line is shown.
  • Managed users can now reset their password, rather than having to refer to the account owner. If a managed user has not logged in for 12 months, then their account will need to be unlocked by the account owner before they can log in.
  • If you are exiting EasyEditor having made no changes, you will no longer receive a warning about saving the campaign.
  • Automated reminders will be sent if you have unused credits for Custom From Addresses.
  • You can now change sort order of pages created with the site builder tool.
  • Split testing tabs were sometimes appearing on campaigns where split testing was not enabled; this has now been fixed.
  • The close button when interacting with paused/sending campaigns was not working; this has now been fixed.
  • A Facebook signup form could not be created immediately after an HTML signup form; this has now been fixed.
  • The contact importer was occasionally blocking on some specific user accounts, this should now be resolved.
  • Better error messages are returned when an API call passes null values.
  • A bug was fixed with uploading empty suppression lists.
  • Some issues with Flash and uploading templates were fixed.
  • When exporting a report, any exclusion filters applied will also be applied to the export.
  • Logging out was not working on certain pages requiring validation.
  • Non-filterable reports that can no longer be accessed while filters are applied.
  • The "More Reports" droplist now includes a link to the ISP Complaints report.
  • A problem with saving subject lines in split test campaigns has been rectified.
  • Exports for Replies, Auto-Replies and Challenge-Replies all now have different names.
  • An error where long city names caused an error on billing pages has been fixed.
  • There is now a favicon enabled for pages within the application.
  • Additional security measures to prevent users disabled from accessing the API were added.
  • Various tweaks and fixes to improve speed and reduce the chance of timeouts.
  • Various tweaks and fixes to improve the speed reporting data come in.
  • Various clarifications to help and alert text including on: daylight saving time, suppression list upload, unsubscribing.
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