Upgrade 15 February 2012

Today's scheduled maintenance and upgrade is complete, including the following improvements:-

Template Library Upgrade

The template library has had a refreshing facelift; you'll now find all the templates grouped by category, so when creating a campaign it should be simple to find a template to match.

Preference Centre Link

Previously you've had the option of either a link to a preference centre, or to a one-click unsubscribe page; due to popular demand (and because it's a good idea) you can now include links to both in the same campaign. Find out how in our Knowledge Base.

Internationalisation of SMS Verification

To activate a dotMailer account requires (in most cases) verification by SMS; this has now been extended to send texts all around the world.

For Corporate accounts and dotMailer Resellers

The template management area has been upgraded to allow:-

  • better management of template tags
  • drag and drop ordering of template tags
  • drag and drop ordering of campaigns

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:-

  • The 'My account' and 'Change password' sections have been redesigned
  • The dotMailer Watchdog has been further optimised and will now work much faster
  • Loading of campaign thumbnails has been changed and pages will load more efficiently
  • Some 'under the bonnet' changes to make way for better support of your local language and date settings
  • Some browser compatibility issues were resolved on the Campaign Setup page
  • Figures for address book suppressions reported in dotMailer were including those for deleted email addresses; these will be excluded from address book totals (unless re-added to the application)
  • Domain name renewals for non-standard top-level domains will now be handled automatically
  • Microsite links are now included in overlay reports
  • Horizontal scroll bars are now available if you select more columns than can be displayed in the browser window.
  • We didn't have a 404 error page for broken links inside dotMailer... well, now we do (Though we hope you never see it)
  • The API method ListContactDataLabels would occasionally not list newly created data fields, this has been resolved.
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    There seems to be a glitch when creating a campaign based on a sent one. A new pop-up asks for the campaign name, but it doesn't seem to stick - I have to rename the campaign at the next step.



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    Good spot there, Ian!

    I've raised this with the team and will let you know when we've got it sorted.

    Many thanks,


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    Good news, this is now fixed.  Let us know if you find any more quirks!