Upgrade 20 March 2012

Today's scheduled maintenance and upgrade is complete, including the following upgrades and changes:

New look for dotMailer

As you may have read about in the dotMailer blog, dotMailer has a new look and feel.

We have changed from having a 'left hand menu' to a menu across the top of the screen with dropdown menus on mouseover (or click). All menu items still have the same name and are under the same menu (i.e. Campaigns, Reporting or Contacts).

Not only has the header for dotMailer changed, EasyEditor elements have also had a big redesign to improve consistency and make it even easier to design beautiful HTML emails.

The new header also means that, as requested, you can now access support including live chat whilst in the campaign EasyEditor.

Several other pages have been reworked to make use of the full width of the page, now that the menu is not occupying the left hand side of the screen.

Flexible width email templates

A new feature has been added to EasyEditor; you can now set the width of your email campaigns and templates.

A helpfile for this can be found in our knowledge base along with a guide for adding the required markup to your email's HTML.

For Corporate accounts and dotMailer Resellers

As notified by email, the new header and EasyEditor have also been released for all whitelabel accounts using the relevant theme colours.

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • A few designs, styles and bits of text throughout the application.
  • Some fixes to optimise our theming tool
  • Some tweaks to the Custom From Address validation
  • The inbox preview will no longer accept submissions without subject lines
  • The from address for content-only split tests was not updating for the non-default version, this is now fixed.
  • Suppression list exports now include the type of suppression
  • Some fixes for empty HTML image tags (which didn't refer to an image)
  • Enhancements to External Dynamic Content to make it schedule in a more intuitive order
  • Protected address book names (such as "All Contacts") can no longer be created via the API
  • Formatting of money when displayed in some currencies (including US dollars) have been tweaked.
  • Undeleting a campaign will now also undelete the report (if there is one)
  • A change to increase the speed of the sending of PINs by SMS
  • Optimisations to our segments tool, currently in beta
  • A maximum length for an image file name has now been set
  • Changes to optimise loading of large numbers of campaigns
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