Upgrade 6 June 2012 — Two-factor authentication, API and Google+

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 16 May 2012 is now complete and includes the following upgrades and changes:

Two-factor authentication

As part of our ongoing work to keep your email marketing data as secure as possible, we have introduced a new opt-in feature to add an extra layer of security.

If enabled on the account, when a user attempts to:

  • Log in from an IP address they haven't accessed the system from before; or
  • Export contact data

they will be challenged to enter an authentication code sent to them by SMS.

Account owners can enable this setting in the 'My account' area and add mobile numbers for each of their managed users.

Accounts choosing not to opt into this system will not be affected.

See our knowledge base for help on using two-factor authentication.

Social bookmarking: Google+

Google+ has been added to the social bookmarking tool.

Getting to know you

Some users may spot that when you log in you'll see a Getting to know you addition to the dashboard.

As we review our tools, we're looking to get a better understanding of who uses the system - so if you could provide us with these extra bits of information it will help us to develop dotMailer to better meet your needs.

By offering this information you will also be entering into an anonymous benchmarking scheme; in this scheme your data will be anonymously aggregated with data from other marketers in your sector to provide industry averages for click, open and other metrics.

New API methods

Seven new API methods have been added for working with documents:

  1. CreateDocumentFolder
  2. GetDocumentFolders
  3. ListDocuments
  4. UploadDocument
  5. AttachDocumentToCampaign
  6. DetachDocumentFromCampaign
  7. ListCampaignAttachments

The first four are available for all users, the remaining three (which deal with attachments) are reserved for accounts which have upgraded to have the attachments feature enabled. Please seek advice before attempting to send campaigns with attachments.

For whitelabels and resellers

The new dashboard is now visible for new reseller clients.

The Getting to know you facility is not currently enabled for reseller clients.

Other tweaks and improvements

Various improvements, bug fixes and tweaks were also included in this deployment including:

  • Addressbook picker now allows you to 'deselect all'
  • A missing tooltip in the Addressbook picker has been added
  • Image names can now begin with underscores
  • Some alignment issues on the reporting page in Chrome have been fixed
  • Price bands on the send summary page are now displayed correctly
  • Links to PDFs sometimes recorded more clicks than actually took place, this has been fixed
  • Address book options no longer need to be reset each time an address book is saved
  • Where a user has self-unubscribed from an address book, they can now resubscribe to that address book
  • Some further tweaks have been made to the dotMailer dashboard
  • Scheduled campaign reports are no longer blocked if existing reports for the same campaign are deleted
  • Scheduled reports can now be re-enabled if you have deleted all report recipients
  • Validation on the double opt-in page has been improved
  • An error has been fixed in the chart display for our legacy survey tool
  • Reply-to addresses and the local part of the campaign From address now supports all UTF-8 characters
  • Where datafields contain HTML, this is no longer rendered within the application
  • Tags with similar names (when spaces are stripped e.g. "Test 123" and "Test123") could cause errors, this has been fixed
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