Upgrade 10 July 2012 — Upgrades for dotMailer Express and Test Pilots

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 10th July 2012 is now complete and includes the following upgrades and changes:

For all dotMailer users

A notification will display on login about the planned maintenance on 14th July 2012; this will show on each login between now and the maintenance.

For dotMailer test pilots

Users signed up to our test pilot scheme will see the following upgrades:

  • The dashboard now shows a chart showing opens per day for the recent past
  • A number of additional functions and optimisations have been added to the segments tool

For dotMailer express users

dotMailer express users can now by Inbox Previews and Custom From Addresses. These, like send credits, can be bought using a credit or debit card; additionally all of these can now be purchased using PayPal.

For whitelabels and resellers

The Google Analytics page has had some whitelabel theming issues fixed.

The downtime warning message will not be shown to reseller clients.

Other tweaks and improvements

Various improvements, bug fixes and tweaks were also included in this deployment including:

  • The currency on the Google Analytics page now shows dollars if your language is set to American English
  • Accounts can now import the maximum number of permitted contacts, rather than the maximum number minus one
  • Postcodes for dotMailer Express customers are now handled correctly when entered in lowercase
  • iPad/iPhone/iPod can now log into dotMailer using the newly released Google Chrome
  • Some fixes to make PDF reports show non-standard characters correctly
  • A problem with filtering reports using IE8 was fixed
  • It is no longer possible to change a useraccounts email address to one used by a subaccount
  • Some formatting has been tweaked on our invoices
  • The error message has been improved when a demo user has exceeded their maximum number of test sends
  • The campaign summary now shows a more accurate total image size
  • Mobile telephone numbers are no longer asked for for API users
  • The API will now strip out unprintable characters
  • Social links now accomodate apostrophes in the campaign subject line
  • Salesforce suppression imports no longer take up the slot of an accounts maximum number of contact imports
  • Some changes have been made to our new translation systems
  • The way discounts are displayed in a few places has been modified to be more consistent
  • Some optimisation work on our core systems
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