Upgrade 20 August 2012 — Better support, loads of fixes... plus, Segments are coming

The scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 20th August 2012 is now complete, and includes:

Browser details page improvement

We have beefed up and improved our 'browser details' page, used by our Support Team to gather information on the browser you have and its configuration. To see what's included, you can visit the page at https://my.dotmailer.com/browserdetails. What's more, if you get asked to visit this page from a support ticket, your information will automatically be appended to your ticket (no more messing copying and pasting, or saving screenshots and attaching them manually!).

Register your interest in our upcoming social tool

Our Enterprise and Corporate users will now have access a new 'Social' header item, allowing them to register their interest in our upcoming social product.

EasyEditor mark-up validation

We now validate EasyEditor mark-up on template uploads. Yay.

Segments groundwork

A large part of this update is to get us ready for our new segmentation tool, coming on August 22nd. If you're a Test Pilot, you'll get the latest version of the tool from tonight. For our other users, you may see some tweaks to the My Contacts page.

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also upgraded and improved several other features, including:

  • The side panel in EasyEditor has been tweaked so we never show horizontal scrollbars, even on small screens
  • Social network views on CampaignOverview.aspx are now correct when filtering
  • Contact count is now updated when removing contacts from your account
  • The Unsubscribe page is now translating correctly
  • Editing managed user permissions no longer results in odd table behaviour
  • We've made it clearer that the Sender Address is a required field for our US users (and not simply 'recommended', which is how it looked before)
  • It is now no longer possible to send a campaign without a Subject Line and/or Friendly From Name
  • Setting up Google Analytics now automatically shows it as your selected reporting mechanism, without you having to reload the page
  • The 'TotalSends page' has had a query optimised, and now runs a load faster
  • Domain Alerts, Credit Reminders, Bill Runs and Card Expiry emails are now localized
  • You can now export SMS replies again
  • The Getting Started dashboard used to show again if a user deleted their first campaign. It now doesn't
  • SMS failed deliveries are now automatically suppressed
  • The Campaign Summary "Total image size" is now working again
  • Templates are now compiled on Save, to make their thumbnail images show correctly
  • The Benchmarking panel is now reseller safe, and doesn't include a wrapping dropdown
  • Domain name expiry notifications are now being sent correctly
  • The Custom From validation tool now queries domains correctly
  • Event based triggers are now bound correctly on the select contacts page, so they appear without having to refresh the page
  • When creating a campaign using an old editor template, we weren't checking the images. We now do.
  • The Support Information copy now has a trailing space in the right place
  • Users can now use the scheduled campaign toggle even if the event trigger permission is disabled
  • When you initially visit the 'select contacts' page, you will now be able to edit the 'specific clicks' triggers, which you couldn't before 
  • Typo in Segments - datafield vs data field - has been fixified
  • Type in Segments - "email" v "email address" - has also been fixed
  • Domain expiry worker is now parsing all expired domains
  • The correct date is now being used when warning clients of domain expiry
  • Very old templates copied from pre-step process days could fail to forward replies, even when reply forwarding is configured. This has now been resolved
  • The 'Add New Data Label' popup used to have no default button - and 'Enter' logged you out. Ouch. Now fixed
  • Clicking 'back' on suppression imports no longer takes you to the contact import page
  • The 'Select all' checkbox now works on the second page of the address book listing page
  • We no longer revert to Classic Editor when adding a new split test version
  • Shared suppressions are now being correctly shared only among the accounts that are synced for that contact
  • Custom from address set-ups are no longer failing
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