Upgrade 12 September 2012 — Attachments and time

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 12 September 2012 is complete and included the following upgrades and changes:

Attachments to campaign replies

Replies to campaigns no longer have attachments deleted.

If you view campaign replies in dotMailer you will now find any attachments ready for download; incoming emails are virus scanned and any suspicious attachments will not be available for download.

If you have set a forwarding address for campaign replies attachments will not be forwarded until you have enabled attachment forwarding in the My Account area.

Account time

Because some dotMailer accounts are used across multiple timezones, we've added the ability to display your 'account' time in the header.

This can be enabled in the My Account area.

Integration to Social Media Management System

We've got a few changes going live to enable users to log in to our new Social Media Management System; you won't see any differences straight away, but look out for announcements.

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • If you reach your maximum number of segments you will get a message explaining what to do
  • Some missing translations have been added
  • When creating a new segment the focus is now set on the text box
  • Dynamic content is now replicated when copying a campaign
  • Setting a campaign to 'Text only' now sets the right number of steps in the header
  • Our free personalised from addresses would not work if you have a really long company name was used, this is now fixed
  • Certain date ranges being selected in our date picker could result in an error being shown, this is now fixed
  • The one-click unsubscribe page now supports translations fully
  • When detecting email client for opens some versions of Hotmail/outlook.com were not being detected, these are now included
  • Reply to addresses can now be edited from the summary screen when triggers are disabled (as well as when they are not)
  • Templates can now be renamed with apostrophes in them
  • Some copy changes have been made to match the introduction of the new segments tool

Since the last maintenance and update we have also upgraded to the latest version of the Google Analytics API; you may need to re-authorise the connection if you read Google Analytics stats through the dotMailer interface.

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