Upgrade 26 September 2012 — API improvements and better social sharing

The scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 26th September 2012 is now complete, and has brought with it the following improvements:

Social Sharing

We've had a number of requests for the ability to share your campaigns on social networks. We thought this a little odd as we actually added this back in January; so it seems it just wasn't being spotted. Therefore we've:

  • Tweaked the design a little
  • Added Google+ to the networks you can share you campaign on
  • Added a share option on the Sent Campaigns page - so now you can share even after sending a campaign.

New API methods

Seven new API methods have been added, including:

Working with templates

Just like working with campaigns, you can now work with templates in a similar fashion. API methods now exist for:

Resubscribing contacts

Parting ways can be tough, but sometimes a contact leaves and wants to resubscribe. We launched resubscribing by form back in January at the same time as improved social sharing; you can now also do this through the API.

Not all contacts can be resubscribed, check out the documentation to find out more; and be sure to check the contact's existing status using the new GetContactStatusByEmail method before trying to resubscribe.

Copying campaigns

You can now copy a campaign through the API; this allows you to duplicate a complete campaign, dynamic content and all.

Subject line split testing for all accounts

Until now, split testing has been restricted to Enterprise level accounts. All accounts can now do split testing by subject line.

For corporate accounts and dotMailer resellers

When creating an account you can now specify the timezone the account should be created in. This will default to the timezone of the parent account.

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • The VAT rate is now included on all our invoices
  • If a contact data field is deleted that is used in the Facebook signup form, this will no longer break the form
  • An issue that prevented Express users from buying addresses has been fixed
  • Campaigns scheduled to be sent less than 10 minutes in the future were previously sent immediately, these will now be sent as scheduled
  • Postcode validation on billing pages has been improved
  • Some performance improvements and fixes have been made to the new Segments tool
  • The alignment of the spinner in the segments tool has been fixed
  • Users with adverts suppressed can now verify their accounts
  • An address book description, once set, could not be changed - this has been fixed
  • Renaming a link on the step process now functions correctly
  • Where users had paid by credit card, we had set the delivery address country to "NA" (not applicable) - this actually ended up setting the delivery address country to Namibia, oops! This now works as expected.
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