Upgrade 10 October 2012 — New inbox preview and in-app help

The scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 10th September 2012 is now complete, and has brought with it the following improvements:

New Inbox Preview

Our new inbox testing and spam filter test service, powered by Litmus is now live.

By submitting a campaign to this testing service you will see the results of your campaign tested in all the key email clients and browsers, as well as tested against a number of spam filters.

New in-app help

Throughout the application you may notice links to 'Assistance' - this is our new method of providing help in-application.

The help for these articles comes directly from our knowledge base.

For corporate accounts and dotMailer resellers

The in-app help is set up to be both whitelabel-safe and internationalisable, however there are a few final tweaks to complete this work, we will be working on these changes over the next couple of weeks.

For now the 'Assistance' links have been turned off for all whitelabel accounts but can be turned on if required.

Ultimately this system will replace the existing FAQ.

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • Improved cache busting to stop you seeing old versions of pages and images
  • When generating plain text using our new EasyEditor dynamic content, the plain text will now be generated from the default version of the dynamic content)
  • Segments based on behavioural rules have some additional validation on end dates
  • An issue with geo-mapping tab has been fixed
  • Data fields can now be created with the "-" character via the API
  • Sign ups can now be made with no company name supplied
  • Some improvements were made to segmentation as we migrated the last few accounts onto our new segments tool
  • Some improvements to our OAuth authentication
  • Better messaging when merging address books would take you over your contact limit
  • The test sends screen now shows up to 200 contacts from your test address book (rather than 50)

And Freemium / trial users may have noticed a change to our 'Powered by dotMailer' footer

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