Upgrade 5 December 2012 — EasyEditor just got even easier

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 5th December 2012 includes the following upgrades and changes:


EasyEditor just got faster and easier

We've released out an even better version of EasyEditor - with a streamlined design to make easy even easier, and better tech to make it load up to twice as quickly. Spend less time waiting, and more time creating.

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Other changes and improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • Some of our exports were no working when dotMailer was used in non-English languages, this is now fixed
  • The test send page occasionally errored when more than one discount had been applied to Inbox Preview
  • Data fields with the same names as a column in a report table (e.g. 'Removed') now do not cause errors
  • Plain text social links can now be added to plain text emails
  • The API will now return ERROR_ADDRESSBOOK_DUPLICATE when trying to create an address book with the same name as an existing one
  • Campaigns can now have more than one campaign trigger
  • Security filters have been modified for account signups
  • Users are now required to validate their account before creating new link style sheets
  • Reseller invoices can now be previewed
  • We fixed a spelling error on the resubscribe settings page
  • Some of the styles in the Inbox Preview test listings have been updated
  • It is no longer possible to delete your preset sending address (this is to prevent errors if your custom from address expires)
  • Links to deleted documents will now return a '404' error (rather than the document)
  • The Inbox Preview spam filter results page is now accessible even after a campaign has been sent
  • White label signup pages will now use HTTP where possible
  • Some tweaks have been made to the Facebook signup app have been fixed
  • A redundant column has been removed from the suppressions history page
  • Failed contact imports via Salesforce now generate a user notification
  • ReMails will now take into account temporary suppressions
  • Campaigns export will now include any applied filters
  • 'Remove address book and contacts from account' will now remove contacts from all address books
  • The campaign setup screen now displays as intended in IE8
  • Reporting on keyword clicks has had some optimizations added
  • Report summary emails occasionally sent out blank, this has been fixed
  • Accounts with unpaid invoices for £0.00 could become blocked from logging in, this is no longer the case
  • Our status page has had some styling changes made
  • We've added some new email clients to our Inbox Preview service
  • We've identified and resolved an error that could cause sending delays
  • When copying a sample segment this now includes the "Exclude" rules
  • When a user was due a double opt-in messages and address book join messages, the rules could interfere, the rules are now as follows:
    • if a user is 'added' when already in the address book, no join action or opt-in confirmation message is sent
    • if a user is in the account (so opted in already) but not in address book, the join action email will be sent but not the opt-in confirmation
    • if the user is new to the account, they will receive the opt-in confirmation, and subsequently the join message
  • Where payments are made without an invoice reference supplied, an email confirmation is now sent
  • Where a batch of temporary suppressions included someone who has since unsubscribed, this prevented the suppression from being reversed - these suppressiosn can now be reversed
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