Upgrade 16 January 2013 — New year, new features

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 16th January 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

A brand new API


...or two APIs, if you like. We've released an improved SOAP API, with plenty of tidying up having taken place. Plus we've released a brand new REST API. Both APIs can perform the same functions, so you can choose the one that suits your programming preferences.

The new APIs have new limits - 2000 calls per hour (=48,000 per day). And they're way more secure too - they only run over SSL (think of the little padlock you see when shopping online) and API user credentials are handled better too.

We've got nearly 1000 automated tests that run each time we deploy the API.

If you're using V1 of the API - no problem. There are no changes at all, and the rate limit stays where it is. But we'll not be adding new features to it any more.

Dynamic subject lines

dynamic subject line.png

We've long given you the ability to personalise a subject line by inserting, for example, the name of a contact's account manager or local store in the subject line or 'from name' of a campaign. You’ve also been able to use logical rules to build 'dynamic content'.

Now you can also use logical rules to determine what subject line and ‘from name’ is shown.

This means you can, for example: show one subject line for males and another for females; or show a different subject line for contacts based in a particular city; or show a different subject line for contacts for whom you don't have a first name recorded.

Tired of typing in your email address at login? Now we remember it!


For a long time, we've followed industry recommendations, and marked up the dotMailer login form to stop your web browser remembering your password. However, this means that it also can't remember your email address, resulting in lots of tedious typing on every login. We've now nailed security AND ease of use by implementing a custom solution that knows how to remember your email address, but won't ever remember your password. Much easier, but still safe as houses.

Easily create address books from segments


Ever wanted to create an address book out of the contents of a segment? Well, now you can. We have given you the ability to capture a segmentation list and convert it into an address book in a flash. You can also copy a selected segment into one or more of your existing address books just as easily. Very convenient!

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • Images shown on mobile devices now scale to the appropriate width
  • The statistics for inbox previews in reseller accounts should now show correctly
  • Creating a new segment with the same name as an existing address book now generates a sensible error message
  • The EasyEditor feedback link will no longer show in reseller client accounts
  • Our Single Sign on through to the Zendesk help centre has been upgraded
  • A scheduled campaign, when cancelled, will now go to 'unsent' if the scheduled time has not been reached
  • The dates on Page View exports are now formatted correctly
  • We've added some more translations for the application
  • All accounts now have a fallback sending address in case your custom sending domain expires
  • A dotMailer link has been removed from reseller client accounts for template resizing
  • The save messages in EasyEditor have been upgraded
  • The $SENDERADDRESS$ placeholder is now available in the new EasyEditor
  • Authentication for our Facebook app has been upgraded
  • All our free templates now have thumbnails generated
  • The layout has been improved on the inbox preview results page
  • The hotspot report has been improved to cope with some unusual characters
  • Forwarded replies now show the email address of the sender
  • Some styling issues have been resolved in Chrome
  • The dynamic content filter in reporting does not work
  • Some spelling errors have been fixed
  • Some errant bits of dotMailer green are now themed appropriately for reseller clients
  • An issue preventing ReMails from being rescheduled if they are less than 24 hours away has been fixed
  • Inbox preview screenshots are now all on HTTPS
  • The click graph for 'Links by Keyword' has been fixed
  • PDF generation now takes the user's theme into account
  • The 'send a quick SMS' feature can now be used to send an SMS to a contact that is deleted (but not suppressed)
  • < and > characters can now be used in alt tags
  • Multiple clicks in quick succession on the 'Create segment from sample' button will no longer create multiple segments
  • Exports for 'all time' are no longer named as dating back to 1753 (they are named as dating back to the account creation date)
  • Some alignments have been improved in non-English languages
  • The report for "Activity for first 24 hours" will now show for 24 hours since the first send, not the most recent send
  • The navigation bar now expands to fill the scrollable width
  • The validation on campaign scheduling date and time has been improved
  • When selecting a link to trigger from, you will now be told if it's a plain text or HTML link (particularly useful if they have the same name)
  • Filters can now be applied to multiple triggers on step 4 of the campaign creation process
  • The layout of the Edit SMS contact screen has been improved
  • Attachments to campaign replies are now always shown in the user interface - the opt in under 'My account' will only opt the user into having the attachments forwarded to them
  • If an account becomes locked, and the API user with it, unlocking the account will also unlock the API user
  • Triggers no longer count towards your segment limit
  • The live chat link in the footer will now open chat correctly
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