Upgrade 13 February 2013 — Maintenance deploy

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 13th February 2013 is a maintenance upgrade and includes the following fixes:

Changes and improvements

  • We are retiring EasyEditor v1 for good following the launch last year of our even easier EasyEditor v2. All accounts that have yet to switch to v2 will automatically do so. All existing EasyEditor templates will work in the new version. Classic Editor will continue to be available for templates without EasyEditor markup.
  • Brand new themes have been added to our survey tool. You can now chose from 12 different designs with some of the new themes even featuring custom fonts, ensuring your surveys look all the more spectacular.

Smaller improvements

  • For corporate accounts and dotMailer resellers, the 'powered by' footer is now customisable and localisable
  • The colour of the EasyEditor move/copy/delete tab now behaves consistently across versions of Internet Explorer
  • We have increased the accuracy of reporting for non-openers and unique opens
  • We have improved tracking site performance
  • Our segment editor now has the ability to issue duplicate refresh requests
  • An issue has been fixed with the retrieval of a renewal charge for a domain
  • An issue with non-senders data for resellers in the admin section is fixed
  • Our hyperlink checker service for campaigns has been optimised to prevent queuing during busy periods
  • A potential infinite loop has been fixed in the new API
  • Address book merging has been optimised and converted into a service
  • The ‘More reports’ drop down no longer redirects users to an invalid sales page
  • Exports now autorefresh successfully
  • We have fixed an issue in which plaintext generation was doubly encoding URLs and resulting in a 404 error
  • We have improved the stability of dotMailer upon deployment
  • We have fixed some image upload issues
  • The ‘view in browser’ page now has a DOCTYPE declaration which has resolved display issues with elements such as HTML5 videos
  • The 'Assistance' link has been re-introduced where it was previously omitted on the latest version of EasyEditor
  • A folder can no longer be placed within itself in Image Manager, which was previously possible and causing it to error
  • Image loading in the replies page has been optimised to ensure vastly improved loading time
  • A check has been added to prevent modification of a send date for a split test that is scheduled or already sending, as such a modification was causing unexpected behaviour
  • Dynamic content is no longer available in EasyEditor for accounts without that feature enabled
  • A cap has been introduced to restrict a campaign to no more than 20 pieces of dynamic content in order to avoid excessive CPU usage
  • Links can now be removed from text and added to an image in IE7, plus an issue has been fixed in which some browsers were changing the font of the link selection once the link was removed
  • The microsite list now populates in IE7
  • We have fixed an issue in which saving dynamic content can result in an error under certain conditions
  • Length validation has now been added to address book name editing
  • The export for comparing campaign reports is now consistent with the in-page report
  • A limit has been reintroduced in which it is no longer possible to add more than 10 dynamic content rules
  • A modification has been implemented to prevent any dynamic content being placed within existing dynamic content, as this functionality isn’t supported by EasyEditor
  • EasyEditor when used in Google Chrome now removes any empty font tags created by the process of aligning text or creating ordered or unordered lists
  • A fix has been implemented in which useraccount-specific language strings for non-default locales now correctly display in that language
  • API v2 now accepts passwords with the colon character in them
  • A modification has been implemented to ensure all HTML is maintained during campaign saves
  • A modification has been implemented to improve data capture for social network views for campaigns
  • We have now added a status in each APIContact object in API v2
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