Upgrade 27 February 2013 - Maintenance deploy

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 27th February 2013 is a maintenance upgrade and includes the following fixes:

Changes and improvements

  • Our translations for the application interface have been updated (French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish)

Smaller improvements

  • We’ve made some fixes and optimisation to the Google Analytics integration reporting
  • Fixed an issue that was affecting the visibility of online invoice statuses
  • Improved table border colours and resizing table columns in EasyEditor
  • The template importer has been upgraded as some templates were occasionally not importing
  • The postman description link on http://api.dotmailer.com/ has been fixed
  • Our OAuth system will now display error messages when a token for a disabled/deleted account is presented
  • Some modifications have been implemented to improve the WSDL in the SOAP API v2
  • The messaging in our credit card payment emails have been updated
  • Custom 'from' addresses that are still propagating no longer display incorrectly as 'active'
  • Classic surveys now copy correctly
  • Phone number validation has been improved
  • The interface for two-factor authentication has been tweaked
  • The validation style has been updated on ‘My Accounts’ page
  • The table of API users for an account has been tweaked
  • A modification has been made so that a cancelled scheduled send will have ReMail options available
  • Disabling split testing on 'from' addresses now resets the 'from' address to the default one used in content version A
  • We have optimised the performance of the creation of campaign document filenames
  • Some optimisations in the segment builder have been improved
  • The list of address books on the campaign scheduling page will now appear in a more intuitive order
  • Copy contacts to address books no longer shows deleted address books
  • Images with media queries are no longer incorrectly sized in Internet Explorer
  • One of the links in our microsite tool has been fixed
  • EasyEditor now better handles fonts and spans with the ee_editable class
  • We've enhanced our URL validation
  • You will no longer see an error message if you try to delete a document twice (by double clicking)
  • We now better handle if you try to delete a segment that is currently refreshing
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