Upgrade 24 April 2013 — Bulk update contacts and throttled sending enablement

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 24th April 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Now you can bulk update your contacts

You can now update a data field for every contact in a segment. To do this go to ‘My segments’, select your segment or segments, and select ‘Bulk update contacts’ from ‘More actions’.

This feature can be used to create dynamic content based on membership of a segment, or to clean up your data where there are typos and inconsistencies.

Read more about bulk updating all contacts in a segment.

Throttled sending enablement

Do you want to be able to throttle your campaign's send rate? We have provided you with the ability to enable this on your account. It can be done by scrolling down to the 'Features' section under 'My Account' and selecting 'Enable Send Throttling'.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • We’ve improved the droplists in EasyEditor and segment tool
  • A minor EasyEditor font selection issue has been fixed in Internet Explorer
  • EasyEditor no longer displays ‘Link to document’ if document permission is not active
  • EasyEditor ‘edit campaign’ loading has been optimised
  • The rendering of images in templates in EasyEditor has been optimised
  • We've implemented a fix to optimise EasyEditor’s sidebar performance
  • We've optimised the performance of autosave in EasyEditor
  • VML (Vector Markup Language) is no longer stripped out of campaigns in EasyEditor when editing in Internet Explorer
  • An issue has been addressed in EasyEditor to improve and optimise use of padding
  • We've corrected a typo in the mobile preview dialogue
  • We’ve ensured that it is no longer possible to create duplicate ‘All Contacts’ and ‘Test’ address books through the API
  • We’ve improved our explanation of how sends refers to number of sends to unique contacts, not total number of sends in ‘My Account’ -> ‘Reporting’
  • We’ve optimised the REST API’s handling of UTC-UK time zone conversion
  • The SendCampaign API method has now been modified to accept a list of multiple contact IDs
  • We’ve addressed an issue connected to split test images and improved the display of campaign image sizes in the summary
  • We’ve optimised sorting performance in the contact activity section
  • We’ve improved scroller usage and performance when editing and previewing templates
  • We’ve improved the messaging for when you lose your connection whilst using EasyEditor
  • We’ve optimised BulkSMSMessageSender API method performance
  • We’ve improved the speed and performance when a large number of contacts are deleted
  • EasyEditor is now better localised
  • Resize requests under the /vedimage/ path now returns the original image if the original dimensions are specified
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