Upgrade 5th June 2013 — Mobile preview enhancements and much more

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 5th June 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Mobile preview enhancements


We have been busy enhancing, improving and speeding up this functionality to ensure you have as quick and reliable a mobile previewing tool as possible! Enhancements include a slicker, quicker experience with faster loading speeds, optimised campaign display, improved border and padding representation when zoomed in, not to mention useful keyboard shortcuts. Try it for yourself and see!

Furthermore, all 'Start from scratch' template thumbnails now indicate whether they are mobile-optimised.

New API capabilities: Segments

Users of our API version 2 (beta) can now list, refresh and send campaigns to segments; the new options are available to users of both the REST API and SOAP API.

Automatic insertion of $SENDERADDRESS$ for CAN-SPAM compliance

When creating a campaign, the application now automatically inserts $SENDERADDRESS$ to ensure any users delivering to US inboxes comply with the US' CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This is in order to satisfy one of the main requirements in the act, stating that a physical business/customer service address must be included somewhere in the email to allow recipients to unsubscribe by post if they so wish.

customer_service_address_form1.pngAn error message appears upon attempting to save a campaign without a sender address marker in the HTML. If a campaign is saved with a sender address marker in the HTML but with no customer service address saved under your account's details, a form will open up in order for it to be added to your email and your account details.

We have also added a clever contrast checker to warn you about the visibility of the text of your address against the background colour of your campaign. After all, there's little point having this automation in place if ultimately the address isn't visible or legible!

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • We've implemented the latest translation updates for both the dotMailer and dotMailer survey tool application interfaces (French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish)
  • The dotMailer support centre login has been upgraded to use the latest authentication by Zendesk
  • We’ve improved segment refreshing performance in real time
  • We’ve improved the performance of CSV file importing
  • The REST API v2 method PostCampaignSend() has been modified to accept multiple contact IDs
  • We’ve implemented a modification to prevent multiple default from addresses being created in a single account
  • We’ve implemented a modification to prevent the setting of a campaign’s ‘Forward replies to’ to one of the account’s ‘From’ addresses
  • Split tests now successfully pull through any attached CFA files
  • We’ve altered messaging in the outbox to improve user experience
  • We’ve improved the performance of image resizing in all preview modes
  • We’ve fixed an issue affecting 'Fixed ratio' selection when using the 'Geographical queries' map
  • HTML5 header tags no longer cause issues in microsites
  • We’ve addressed an issue that fixes the required fields in API v2 ResubscribeContact method
  • We’ve improved the performance of the address book refresh
  • We’ve increased the load speed of dynamic content previews
  • We’ve fixed an issue affecting PDF printing
  • We’ve optimised the reliability of links to stored documents from within Document Manager in EasyEditor
  • It is now possible to re-assign a child account back to being a direct customer of dotMailer
  • We’ve fixed an issue that was affecting the appearance of some campaign borders in EasyEditor
  • We’ve optimised the performance of the API method AddContactsToAddressBookWithProgress when used in a non-UK account
  • A fix has been implemented to optimise the reliability of dotSurvey synchronisations to German accounts
  • We’ve enhanced the saving of managed user permissions
  • We’ve implemented a fix that ensures contact import now works for non-UK account settings when the file is in a UK format
  • We’ve optimised the accuracy of opens/clicks and link clicks reporting figures
  • When attempting to unsubscribe a globally suppressed email address, the API returns a meaningful message and won’t add the account to the suppression list
  • We’ve optimised campaign summary performance on campaigns sent to a single contact
  • Addresses format correctly in ‘My account’ when a line or lines are left blank on entry
  • We’ve improved campaign image rewriting to ensure the stability of images in campaigns
  • Plain text campaign generation has been optimised so it fully maintains old dynamic content markers
  • EasyEditor’s handling of invalid tables (containing no cells) has been improved
  • Empty dropzones in EasyEditor now always display when using columns
  • We’ve optimised the reliability of manually copying HTML from a campaign in one account to a campaign in another account
  • We’ve optimised the stability of an image’s encoding in a campaign when the image size hasn’t been altered
  • We’ve increased the number of EasyEditor CSS classes that are valid when importing a template
  • We’ve improved the performance of the Image Manager for accounts with significantly large amounts of images
  • We’ve optimised the performance of automatically refreshing segments
  • We’ve optimised the saved accuracy of borders and padding for an element in EasyEditor when using the zoom function in a browser
  • A number of fixes have been implemented to optimise transactional data storage and retrieval processing performance
  • Cancelled or future scheduled campaigns with absolutely no reporting data are no longer categorised under ‘Sent’ campaigns
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