Upgrade 19th June 2013 — Increased survey page limit and yet more preview enhancements

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 19th June 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Ever wanted more pages in your surveys? You've got them!

extra_survey_pages.pngTo make everyone's life easier, especially when it comes to surveys using page branching, we've tripled the limit from 10 to 30 pages. This should provide ample opportunity to make great surveys even greater!

We've also thrown in the following keyboard shortcuts for added convenience - ctrl and insert to add a new page, ctrl and , to move a page to the left, ctrl and . to move a page to the right.

More mobile preview enhancements

In the last upgrade we were able to tell you of a better, slicker and quicker mobile previewing tool. Well, we weren't finished there! We're pleased to inform you of a further couple of enhancements to add to its impressive functionality. 

  • You can now finger scroll the email itself from within a mobile device
  • There is a silky smooth device rotation when switching between landscape and portrait views

Go and try them out!

Improved status page

We have improved the detail, look and feel of our status page, so the next time you want to double-check the health of a dotMailer service, you'll have a much better experience! Take a look at our status now.

And we've begun moving your images into the cloud...

Yes, it's underway. Although it isn't a direct feature of this upgrade, we thought it was well worth mentioning that, as of this week, we've started to move your images into the cloud. This has huge benefits. It means you'll get better availability and durability, and your recipients will get faster loading times. This should all be completed within a few weeks and represents a significant leap forward. Read more about the cloud.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • WatchDog now functions better when representing respondents from data mapped surveys
  • A fix has been implemented to prevent quick toggling between split tests, which was causing an issue if a version had not completed loading
  • An image’s alt attribute is now fully maintained when dragging a new image into another to replace it
  • ‘Forward to a friend’ function for surveys now works as expected
  • We’ve implemented a fix to optimise the display of custom unsubscribe translations
  • We’ve fixed an issue that was adversely affecting the ‘Back’ button in Reporting
  • Norwegian translations are now supported as expected on tracking site pages
  • We’ve implemented a fix to ensure optimal performance when saving a campaign containing External Dynamic Content
  • Document manager now shows the correct URL when the full path already has a URL
  • We’ve implemented a fix to prevent invalid keywords being assigned to links in campaigns
  • We’ve optimised the performance of campaign reply forwarding
  • We’ve optimised style sheets in EasyEditor that were being adversely affected by some spam filters
  • We’ve optimised the reliability of template library images
  • A campaign’s anchor tag reliability when opened in a new (blank) window has been optimised
  • Adding bullets when using EasyEditor in Chrome can no longer result in the bullets sometimes inheriting the background colour
  • Creating a data field with the same name as a control on the Edit Contact page no longer results in the breaking of the page
  • We’ve introduced a modification that now adds image width to PNG and GIF files during a document rescale, so these attributes aren’t lost if they’re updated after rescaling
  • Performance and scaling of images in EasyEditor has been improved, in particular ensuring legacy image paths can’t break
  • We’ve fixed a localisation issue that was impacting upon calendar control and date posting
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