Upgrade 14th August 2013 — Create your own reusable building blocks, and other improvements

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 14th August 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Create your own reusable building blocks

Launched experimentally four weeks ago, we've now turned on the ability for everyone to create their own blocks. Drag from the right, drop to the left, and you're done.

Additionally, you'll get given a step-by-step tutorial the next time you edit a campaign (if you're brand new user, you'll need to turn the tutorial on from 'My Account'). Alternatively, you can watch our short video on how it all works.

Improvements to creating and viewing external dynamic content

We've made a couple of changes to external dynamic content:

Drag and drop external dynamic content

External dynamic content can now be added to a campaign using EasyEditor. The 'Building blocks' panel now contains an 'External dynamic content' block that can be dragged into a campaign. This then allows the URL endpoint to be added - all without the need to dive into the HTML of the campaign. We now have a short help article on this, which is available on the forum. This also handily includes some examples of valid and invalid URL endpoint formats.

Note that this new block needs to be activated from the 'My account' area, and is not turned on by default.

Dynamic content in HTML warning

For external dynamic content that's not been added via the new block, we now show a warning at the top of the page. This politely reminds you that the HTML of the campaign has 'hidden' external dynamic content in, so care should be taken when sending.

No more whack-a-mole for test sends

For a while now, selecting an address on the Test Send window would send the address to the top of the list. We thought that would make it easier to see who you were sending to. We were wrong. Now, addresses stay where they are until you re-open the window, when they'll be at the top.

Changes to the way segments refresh when bulk updated through the API

Bulk updates to contacts in segments will no longer automatically cause the segment to refresh. Full details on this can be found on the forum.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features:

  • We have migrated the dotMailer header and footer to MVC
  • We’ve addressed an issue affecting the refresh performance of queries when creating and editing segments in the segmentation tool
  • The save and send message now correctly displays in EasyEditor when making a change to a campaign, saving it, clicking undo and then sending without saving again
  • EasyEditor’s handling of URLs with invalid characters has been improved
  • We’ve enhanced EasyEditor’s social sharing element to allow icons to wrap if there is not enough space
  • We’ve fixed an issue in EasyEditor in which a broken image could adversely affect the resizing mode
  • We’ve fixed an issue that addresses instances of the 'Drop image here' text not displaying in the correct place for the image drop box
  • We’ve improved error messaging in the case of any failed segment refreshes within the application
  • We’ve enhanced link encoding within EasyEditor by improving how microsite links are handled by the ctrl-v copy function
  • Our campaign link validation function has been enhanced to correctly decode and encode spaces within a URL
  • We’ve made the error message for 'no double opt-in link marker' more explicit, making it clear the marker needs to be in both the HTML and plain text campaign versions
  • We’ve enabled the ability to upload a resubscribe logo
  • We’ve improved application performance to ensure that large numbers of domain suppressions in an account doesn’t result in the prevention of contact imports
  • Prior to being sent in a campaign, images are now rewritten to the domain name they will actually be served from before being checked by the in-application Spam Assassin, ensuring that Spam Assassin doesn’t check it against an incorrect image domain
  • We’ve corrected a typo in the EasyEditor image upload validation message
  • We’ve enhanced and optimised the performance of address book merging
  • Cancelled scheduled triggered campaigns are now correctly moved to the 'Unsent' tab instead of the ‘Sent’ tab
  • Previews now work in Salesforce
  • We’ve fixed a bug in which the ‘Account locked’ screen contains a reference to dotMailer, even for white labels
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