Upgrade 28th August 2013 — External dynamic content enhancements for previews and test sends

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 28th August 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Enhancements to external dynamic content when previewing and test sending

On top of the improvements made to creating and viewing external dynamic content two weeks ago, placeholders have now been added when previewing or test sending a campaign. This helps to avoid any possible confusion over whether your external dynamic content is working properly or not. You'll no longer need to execute a real send just to confirm the inclusion of this content for your own peace of mind! It's a much better experience.

It should be noted that these placeholders will only be visible for new 'External dynamic content' blocks dragged into a campaign from the 'Building blocks' section. It does not apply to 'old' external dynamic content that has been directly added within the HTML of the email.

Unique names are now required for reusable blocks

EasyEditor will no longer allow you to use identical names for reusable blocks; it now requires unique ones. This will save you any confusion when dealing with your reusable blocks! Upon saving a block with a non-unique name, a polite message will now ask you to try a different name for the block.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features:

  • We’ve fixed a number of minor issues connected to mobile previewing, particularly concerning expected behaviour of the scrollbar in IE7 and IE8
  • Rather than an unhelpful error, a polite message now asks you to try another name for a newly created segment after you’ve attempted to enter one that already exists
  • A reload of the preview is now no longer triggered if the same option is selected in the dropdown as was already loaded
  • We’ve fixed a bug with the API method GetContactByEmail() as it was incorrectly returning deleted contacts; it now behaves exactly like GetContactById() in throwing ‘ERROR_CONTACT_NOT_FOUND’ when loading a deleted contact
  • We’ve addressed an issue in the mobile preview that was preventing thumb scrolling from working in Google Chrome
  • Switching to the Build tab in EasyEditor now enables the toolbar, where as previously this wasn’t activating
  • We’ve addressed a character issue that was preventing Turkish users from viewing microsite pages
  • We’ve fixed an issue with regards to some missing images in the toolbar of Classic Editor
  • We’ve corrected a layout issue in the ‘Performance comparison overview’ report in which the whole row wasn’t in alignment with the row’s title
  • We’ve fixed a bug that was causing an ‘undefined’ error to show when redisplaying the ‘Performance comparison overview’ report
  • We’ve prevented external dynamic content from being dragged into regular dynamic content in EasyEditor, to guard against any resultant display issues
  • The process of copying of contacts to another address book has been optimised
  • We’ve fixed an issue that was causing some encoded URL strings to split with a word break on the Hotspot overlay in a campaign, meaning such links were broken and thus the feature wasn’t populating as expected in reporting
  • When dragging a block in EasyEditor, the block now rotates slightly when moving left and right to give better feedback to the user (only available in some browsers)
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