Upgrade 11th September 2013 — Yet more building block improvements and refinements

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 11th September 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

We've tweaked and enhanced our building blocks

We've introduced some further building block enhancements, affecting our varying 'flavours' of blocks in different ways. It all goes towards making EasyEditor an even easier editor!

Fixed-width blocksfixed_width_block_too_wide.png

If you have fixed-width blocks at your disposal, we've prevented these from being able to be dragged and dropped into spaces that are too narrow for them. When you attempt to do so, a red exclamation mark and warning message in the intended recipient block will inform you that it is too small and you won't be able to drop the block there.

External dynamic content blocks

To make sure that your emails are sent as quickly as possible, we’ve introduced a limit of 20 external dynamic content blocks per campaign. If you think you need more than this, talk to our campaign design team who may be able to help you build a more efficient, faster-sending campaign.

When trying to save with more than 20 external dynamic content blocks in a campaign, a 'Save campaign error' is generated.

Reusable blocks

Deleting reusable blocks is now that little bit user-friendlier, as we highlight the block being deleted and confirm the name back to you in a message, to check whether you definitely want to delete the block or not.

Better communication when it comes to an outstanding payment

We've improved communication if you ever happen to find yourself locked out of your account due to an outstanding payment.

A message now makes everything clear, providing you with a choice of options to help you resolve the matter quickly.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features:

  • We've implemented the latest translation updates for the application interface (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)
  • Line numbers are now included when editing/viewing the source/HTML in EasyEditor, along with other general improvements and optimisation
  • We’ve disabled the underline function in the EasyEditor toolbar when a link is selected, as link styles overrides any underlining effects
  • We’ve implemented a fix to address a bug that was causing the plain text campaign preview to display an older version of the currently saved campaign
  • It is now possible to edit segments after they’ve been queued for a scheduled and deferred refresh 30 minutes following an API import
  • When selecting a name within the Test Send contact selector, you are no longer automatically sent to the very top of the list upon selecting it
  • We’ve prevented pages being submitted when pressing ‘Enter’ after using the footer search box in Firefox
  • We’ve corrected the heading size in the ‘Add new variation’ dialog box, which was previously too big and was getting truncated
  • We’ve fixed an issue that was preventing resellers from being able to preview their invoice setups
  • We’ve implemented a fix to address an issue in which spam test results were not legible
  • We’ve optimised overall performance when inserting dynamic content into plain text campaigns
  • A fix has been implemented to ensure the horizontal scrollbar appears when using quick search on a gridview (for instance, if you have around 10 or more contact data fields within your contact listings page)
  • If you're viewing the 'my building blocks' tutorial, you can now dismiss it from any step
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