Upgrade 25th September 2013 — Even easier link editing within EasyEditor

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 25th September 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Happier link editing within EasyEditor!

We've improved the link finding and editing experience for you within EasyEditor. The dialog box has been redesigned - it now looks better and has added icons and features alongside each link:

  • a pencil icon, allowing you to edit the link
  • a magnifying glass icon, allowing you to locate the link. The hover-to-locate functionality could get confusing, as the template could flick around in the background without you expecting it. This no longer happens.
  • an icon that indicates, at-a-glance, the type of link it is (hyperlink, social sharing link, etc.)

Rename reusable building blocks

You can now rename reusuable building blocks. You can do this by either selecting the building block and then clicking on 'Rename', or by dragging and dropping the block over into 'Rename'.

Drag reusable building blocks into blocks with dynamic content

We've enabled you to drag reusable building blocks into blocks with dynamic content, as long as the dragged block doesn't feature any dynamic content itself. However, you will not be allowed to drop the block if this is the case.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features:

  • The 'Custom building blocks' tutorial now automatically turns on if you're a new user and you have sent your third campaign, giving you the opportunity to learn about it after completing the basics
  • We’ve improved the functioning of anniversary rules when using trigger filters
  • When entering an invalid email address for a ‘from address’, a helpful error message now informs you of this fact rather than the previous 500 error
  • We’ve modified template validation to ensure an error is no longer thrown when campaigns contain images less than 100 pixels in width (classed as ‘ee_smallimage’)
  • We’ve implemented a fix to address a scenario in which the ‘reset password’ was not working as expected
  • We’ve improved the content of the error message received when posting invalid data field names to API v2
  • We’ve addressed a visibility issue concerning the ‘Drag’ icon and the scroll bar in the side panel when using reusable blocks
  • Plain text email hotspot reporting has been optimised
  • We’ve made some improvements to the display and layout of localisations within the application
  • An issue has been fixed that was affecting the plain text generator’s processing of img tags with a missing src attribute, which was leading to the generation of malformed content
  • We’ve fixed some links in the German version of the API site that had been broken
  • Classic editor no longer HTML-encodes anchor text
  • We’ve implemented a modification to prevent no more than one bulk update task to run on an address book at any one time, avoiding a race condition
  • We’ve fixed an issue to ensure top and bottom logo image URLs on Reseller Invoice Setup successfully load the desired image onto the invoices
  • We’ve optimised the copying of a campaign when doing it from within the step process
  • We’ve fixed an issue affecting resellers' campaign reports, ensuring their company’s name appears as alternate text for their logo
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