Upgrade 8th January 2014 — Add links to your own social network profiles in campaigns!

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 8th January 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Easy campaign linking to your own social network profiles...plus other social tools improvements

To kick the New Year off, we want to help to make you more social! We've enhanced the overall design and usability of EasyEditor's social tools, including a switch to a tool menu in the side panel as well as cleaner, clearer modals, plus the introduction of a brand new ‘Social links’ building block.


The new ‘Social links’ building block allows you to easily add direct links to your social network sites within a campaign. Simply drag and drop the building block into the desired location in your template, click within the block to open up the modal and then check your social networks of choice, adding in the URL to your profile.


Click 'Apply' and the icon link is added to your campaign. All that's left to do is to change the way this displays, should you wish to, by manipulating it using the new 'Settings' side panel.

You can read (a little) more over on our blog at http://www.dotmailer.co.uk/blog/improved-social-building-blocks/.

New navigation header and menu designs

We've now turned on our new, redesigned menus for everyone. We've been trialling them for a couple of months, worked on the feedback we received, and we thought the New Year was a good time to bring in the new and retire the old navigation. We hope this will make it easier to find your way around all of dotMailer's many tools.


External dynamic content refinements

There are two changes to tell you about:

  • A new warning message at the point of saving lets you know if your campaign includes both external dynamic content and a ‘View in browser’ link. This is important to know, as external dynamic content can’t be displayed in browser versions of campaigns.
  • A tool refresh means external dynamic content is now set up from the side panel and not in a modal, just like the design and usability improvements we've made to the social tools.

Our status page is now hosted

We've switched to a hosted status page, meaning you can always check the status of dotMailer, even if we're down. This switch also provides some other benefits, such as email and SMS subscription if you want to be sent status updates. Check out the page at http://status.dotmailer.com/.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features:

  • All modals in EasyEditor now adhere to conventional Enter and Escape key behaviour
  • We’ve resolved a timing out issue in relation to running a large replies export and attempting to page through it
  • All references to ‘Site builder’ in the navigation have been replaced with ‘Microsites’
  • We’ve ensured contact data field dates are correctly localised to your set time zone when segments are evaluated
  • We’ve significantly reduced the HTML size of invoices in order to speed up PDF performance
  • We’ve fixed an issue that was affecting column ordering in classic survey horizontal exports
  • A fix has been implemented to enable the modification of a split test resume time after a split test has begun
  • We’ve improved the performance of throttled sending
  • We’ve fixed an issue in which there was a missing field in a soft bounces export file
  • We’ve optimised performance when requests are made to the default Contacts page
  • Renaming a campaign now changes Google Analytics tracking codes on previously saved links
  • The LinkedIn social network icon has been added back to the post-send share pop-up, after having previously been omitted
  • We’ve ensured all EDC warning messages are correctly formatted
  • We’ve fixed a bug that was causing some instances in which transactional data couldn’t be deleted
  • We’ve fixed a bug to ensure that the ‘Modified’ date is correctly updated whenever a contact data field is edited
  • Fixes have been implemented for bugs affecting column ordering in, and preventing the successful exporting of, classic survey horizontal exports
  • We’ve addressed an issue that was causing the watchdog page to run slowly
  • We’ve fixed a bug relating to invalid media query syntax in campaigns causing HTML corruption, which was resulting in incorrect image rewriting
  • We’ve fixed a bug in which the ‘create new segment’ dialogue wasn’t escaping URL-unsafe characters
  • We’ve ensured Google Analytics authorisation flow process now ends with users being made aware that authorisation was successful; this communication wasn’t previously happening
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