Upgrade 19th February 2014 — Updated navigation and external dynamic content

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 19th February 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Navigation update

You'll notice a new item in the navigation under Email. The Automation section now includes:

  • Triggers
  • Triggered campaign content
  • Default auto responders

For those enrolled in the beta program for it, it will also include our new automation interface to build marketing automation programs. (If you want a preview of this, come see us at Marketing Sherpa this week or TFM&A next week).

We have also cleaned up which menu item is highlighted when you are in various parts of the application.

External Dynamic Content optimisation

We have made a number of improvements to the performance of External Dynamic Content.

This includes changes to the way we handle links in external dynamic content.

Other improvements

  • Workflow approve/decline reasons are now limited to 500 characters
  • The account setting to enable send throttling no longer unchecks itself after use
  • French translations for our API home page have been updated
  • The preview and test send buttons on the confirm single campaign send page have been moved to the previous screen
  • We've removed the label 'Winning version' from the campaign reports for campaigns that are not split tested
  • We've further optimised the performance of split testing
  • We've optimised the removal of contacts from address books when deleting large quantities
  • We've improved the performance of test sends
  • When selecting 'Last Month' in some of our date range pickers, it could include all days but the last one of the month (oops!) this has now been fixed
  • Our exports for surveys now support non-Latin characters in column names
  • Some items have been updated in line with our style guide
  • We've fixed a compatibility issue between EasyEditor and Safari 6 on Macintosh computers
  • We now better support non-UK postcode formats for credit card payment
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