Upgrade 5th March 2014 — Marketing automation just got easier

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 5th March 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Program builder (beta)


All Enterprise accounts now have access to a whole new drag and drop tool.

Released today as a beta product, you can use the fast-to-use interface to build welcome, re-engagement and lead nurturing programs in flowchart form.

At the top of the Automation menu item, you'll now find My programs where you can use our new drag and drop editor to create marketing automation programs.

See the automation section of our knowledge base for more details.

Read about the program builder on our blog.

Surveys and forms for reseller customers

The surveys and forms tool is now available to be purchased by all resellees and whitelabel customers.

Live chat goes late night

The support hours for our live chat system have now been extended until 2:00am UK time (6pm San Francisco time).

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • Corporate accounts can now transfer to surveys and forms tool
  • The document picker no longer errors if a folder has no parent folder
  • The double opt-in settings page now correctly shows the selected microsite page
  • Non-content split tests summary pages no longer report 0kb for images in the non-default variation
  • Edited links no longer lose underlining
  • Synchronisation of Google Analytics reports will no longer error
  • SMS contact imports that previously did not work, will now work
  • Segment refreshes will now be faster in accounts using large amounts of external dynamic content
  • Administrative accounts will now see account permissions displayed in alphabetical order
  • Trying to send a single SMS message to an unsubscribed contact now displays a validation error
  • Occasionally viewing campaign replies would cause an error, this will no longer happen
  • Some accounts were not being logged out of the survey and forms tool when logging out, they now will be
  • Campaign report emails will no longer be missing the funnel chart
  • Only one campaign report email will be sent per campaign per day (some users were receiving three)
  • Performance has been improved when sending a split tested campaign to a large number of recipients
  • API users will no longer receive an unknown exception if a campaign is created via the API, with blank HTML
  • Creating a triggered campaign from a non-triggered campaign will now create a triggered campaign rather than a non-triggered one
  • Campaign reporting pages now inform users if a send has been sent to all contacts
  • Performance of segments containing contact data rules has been improved
  • Accounts with lots of surveys will now be able to include them in their campaigns
  • Performance has been improved when opening reporting summaries for campaigns that have been sent many times
  • Contact data fields can now be deleted when the segments that depended on them are deleted
  • The campaign reporting "back" button didn't always work and has now been removed
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