Upgrade 2nd April 2014 — Create re-engagement programs using 'Last opened date'

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 2nd April 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Program builder: Use 'Last opened date' to re-engage your contacts

last_opened_date.pngThere is a new addition to the program builder trigger suite - 'Last opened date' - allowing you to segment and start programs based upon the last time your contacts' opened an email. This data field is available for selection from the start node, and can be used within decision nodes.

This new trigger will enable you to create re-engagement programs with ease. For
more on this, check out our blog post '7 Steps to Make Customer Re-engagement a Whole Lot Easier'.

Label your API keys

You can now label individual API keys for handy reference, should you have multiple API users. This makes keeping track of API keys and who or what they're used by and for that little bit easier.

The label can be applied when adding a new API user, or when editing an existing one; a 'Description' field is available to fill in and save. This description is then listed with other information under the 'API' tab in the 'Manage users' section of the application.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • The 'ADD ACCOUNT' button's wording has been changed to 'ADD USER' in the 'Manage users' section of the application
  • It’s no longer possible to delete a campaign which is used in an active trigger, as this was causing errors
  • The API no longer accepts invalid date parameters (e.g. 1500-01-01) for ‘since’ arguments
  • An issue has been fixed in which the dropdown list for attaching surveys created in the surveys and forms tool to a campaign were, sporadically, not appearing
  • Some preliminary code released in the last upgrade had the effect of blocking some imports; this has now been resolved
  • An issue in which resellers and white labelled corporate accounts were not correctly directed to the surveys and forms tool has now been fixed
  • The ‘Surveys & forms’ menu item was using incorrect casing and reading as ‘Surveys & Forms’; this has now been corrected
  • Accounts with a default pay per send billing configuration (mostly child accounts of resellers) were seeing their billing settings on the send summary page; this is incorrect and has since been changed
  • The ‘Billing defaults’ page in the admin area no longer lacks decimal validation
  • When selecting an address book and then selecting ‘Remove address book and contacts from account’, the contacts are not only removed from the address book but are deleted from the whole account as expected
  • If your account runs into insufficient credits during a scheduled send, you are now notified and the send is cancelled; previously this scenario would result in the send appearing to be stuck in the outbox
  • If your account has multiple instances of ‘from’ addresses using the same email address, it used to cause an error in the application; this has been fixed
  • A fix has been implemented to ensure users are being correctly redirected to the login page when required
  • It wasn’t always possible in certain sections of the application to save a customer service address; this has now been fixed
  • The date range selector has become smarter, with extra checking and validation capabilities added to reduce the possibility of errors caused by entering an invalid date
  • An issue has been fixed in which it was possible for triggered join action campaigns to be sent to contacts who were yet to complete the double opt-in procedure; this is no longer possible
  • The NOINDEX meta tag has been added to our unsubscribe and preference centre pages
  • Contacts can now be successfully added to an address book when selecting them from the geo-mapping area; previously this wasn’t happening
  • When attempting to delete an account with active child accounts, a helpful message is now displayed rather than a 500 error page
  • An issue that was causing some saved programs to appear empty on the canvas when loading them up has been fixed
  • A double click on suppression rollback will no longer trigger a rollback and immediately cancel it
  • A safeguard has been put in place to ensure a split test campaign can’t be sent without any split test options having been selected
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