Upgrade 16th April 2014 — Program end points and campaign replies

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 16th April 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Program builder updates

You can now create new triggered campaigns directly from the program builder, which should help when using the program builder as a planning tool. A program cannot be activated until these campaigns have been subsequently edited and given content, of course.

It is now possible to add a name to a program end point.

The Contact Activity Summary now shows a list of what programs a contact is currently enrolled in; it also shows what programs a contact has previously been enrolled in and the name of the end point that they reached.

We've added extra functionality to handle what happens if you idle out whilst logged into the program builder.

Other improvements

CCs in campaign replies
Campaign replies now show any email addresses CCd into a reply.
Forwarding campaign replies
You can now forward replies from the reporting interface to the email address of the currently logged in user.
New address book picker
Our address book picker on step 4 of the campaign send process has had an overhaul; you should not notice any functional changes.
Last open date
Last open dates can now be listed, and exported, for contacts who have opened a campaign (since 2nd April 2014).
Deleting transactional data collections
You can now delete transactional data collections that are above 10MB in size.

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • 'Test pilot' functionality has been removed from dotMailer; if you were a test pilot your interfaces will have reverted to non-test pilot mode
  • The ability to hide blocks on mobile devices now takes into account users with the permission to use a custom unsubscribe link; previously it wasn't working for such users due to a validation check failing to find a visible unsubscribe link)
  • The wording has been changed under permission descriptions for managed users, making it clear that the 'Edit Campaigns' permission needs to be active for the 'Template Administrator' permission to work as expected
  • A fix has been implemented to safeguard against an extremely rare suppression scenario in which contacts could be incorrectly deleted from accounts, as well as incorrectly resubscribed even after permanent suppression
  • An issue has been fixed that sometimes caused a 500 error when accessing the 'Senders'/'Non senders' report in the admin console
  • When choosing to share a sent campaign on a social network, all characters are now correctly encoded in the URL; previously this hadn't been happening with certain characters
  • A fix has been implemented to address some incorrect time zone logic that was causing instances of reporting charts to error when viewed
  • A fix has been implemented so you no longer receive an error page immediately after sending a campaign to a single contact
  • A fix has been implemented to safeguard against inaccurate delivery receipt totals for SMS campaigns sent during a deploy or a service shutdown scenario
  • The links on the preview version of the resubscribe email were actually clickable and would error; this is no longer the case
  • Our dashboard is no longer incorrectly reporting failed checks for domains with valid DKIM/SPF records
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