Upgrade 30th April 2014 — At-a-glance contact stats for active program nodes

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 30th April 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

More program builder updates

If you're already using our powerful program builder tool, then we have further updates to make your life even easier.

delay_node_stats.pngAt-a-glance stats for contacts passing through a node

On active programs, you can now see how many contacts are either at a node (most likely to affect delay nodes), or have passed through it, by checking the node in question. You can also access this information after clicking on a node; just select the contacts icon at the top of the control panel which slides in from the right.

These statistics refresh every 60 seconds too, so it's truly up-to-the-minute information.

366_delay.pngMaximum days for start/delay rules increased

We've upped the maximum of days for start/delay rules to 366.

New segmentation rules

Additional options have been added to the segment builder (and to the program builder) such that you can now build segments and decisions on contact data fields including: “In the last X days”, “In the next X days”, “More than X days ago”, “More than X days in the future”.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • All Freemium accounts have been retired and converted to Express accounts, with an equivalent of a year's free sending credits provided
  • Rare instances in which certain segments could error and become non-refreshable have now been prevented
  • Very minor issues could occur at times when selecting an address book but these have been rectified
  • An issue that was preventing the successful creation of new address books under certain circumstances has been fixed
  • Extra validation messages have been added to the billing pages to avoid instances of error pages being encountered
  • A fix has been implemented to ensure label creation validation no longer fails and results in an error
  • Extra validation has been introduced to prevent errors occurring when restoring a previous version of a campaign in EasyEditor
  • Under certain circumstances, the editing of account permissions in the admin console could result in an error when saving the change; this no longer happens
  • A fix has been introduced to prevent segment deletion from failing due to deleted or non-existent address books
  • Any campaign with missing content had the effect of causing the ‘My campaigns’ page to error; this no longer happens
  • In the program builder, loading an active program could result in a JavaScript error upon validation; this has been fixed
  • In certain circumstances, an error page can occur when attempting to view a contact that has some transactional data stored against them; this has been fixed
  • A rare deadlock condition relating to updating a campaign’s status could result in campaigns getting stuck in the ‘Outbox’; this has been fixed
  • In the campaign reporting section, the keyword clicks export wasn’t exporting a filtered version correctly; this has now been fixed
  • When selecting contacts for a split test campaign, an error could be caused by browser deselection of radio buttons; a fix has been implemented for this
  • Double clicking the delete button on the triggers overview page could produce an error page due to a double delete; this has been fixed
  • The API method GetUnsubscribedContacts wasn’t working when called with a DateTime.Min value; this has now been fixed
  • The maximum upload size via the API for a campaign document has been raised from 1MB to 10MB to match the maximum upload size for a campaign document via the website
  • The API endpoint enabling the addition of transactional data could occasionally error; this has been fixed
  • Our new campaign replies forwarding feature had a bug in which replies with attachments were not being forwarded correctly; this has now been fixed
  • Email addresses are no longer case sensitive when used as the contact identifier to upload transactional data; previously they were and this was resulting in errors
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