Upgrade 14th May 2014 — Sliding dates for behavioural data rules in the segmentation builder

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 14th May 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Segmentation builder: Sliding dates for behavioural data rules

Segmentation rules for behavioural data (opens, clicks and sends) now have a larger range of date options:

  • any time
  • today
  • in the last X days
  • on the date X
  • on or after the date X
  • in a given date range

Program builder updates: Node statistics

In the last upgrade, we added the ability to see the number of contacts at a node in a program. Now, if you click on that number, you can see:

  • the exact number of contacts at that program node
  • the number of contacts who have ever been to that program node
  • a list of contacts at that program node
  • a list of contacts who have ever been to that program node
  • the option to bulk remove contacts from a program node (only in a deactivated program)

If a contact is removed from a program node they will immediately exit the program; the contact activity report will display the program outcome for the contact as 'Manually removed'.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)
  • An issue affecting custom date range validation has now been fixed
  • A couple of issues have been fixed in the program builder in connection with non-English language display
  • Chrome was not responding properly to CSS in connection to image widths for mobile preview; this has now been fixed
  • An intermittent issue has been resolved in which the geo-mapping selection function would return no contacts despite there being contacts within the selected area of the map
  • The postcode data label in the geographical opens report can now be changed without the subsequent map re-load failing
  • Editing the trigger of a campaign that has been deleted no longer causes a 500 error page
  • Billing pages have been provided with extra validation to reduce the possibility of error pages
  • It was possible to double click when creating a new data label which could cause duplication problems; this is no longer the case
  • A fix has been implemented to ensure programs are not adversely affected by daylight saving clock changes
  • A modification has been implemented to optimise the performance of paging through contacts in a large address book, both in the app and via the API
  • Global Suppression List validation has now been added upon sign up, preventing signups using an email address on the GSL from creating broken accounts
  • Transactional data object IDs are now no longer case sensitive, as this had been causing instances of transactional data imports to fail
  • The account editing screen will now save an email address containing an ampersand; previously this wasn’t the case
  • An issue has been fixed regarding incorrect error messages upon importing a template
  • The campaign type (‘triggered’/’standard’) can no longer be changed, as doing so resulted in the inability to remove address book join/leave actions
  • After uploading a template marked up for EasyEditor, a message could appear saying that the upload was a success but the template wasn’t marked up for EasyEditor; this no longer happens
  • A bug has been fixed within the segmentation tool that could lead to rare instances of campaign sends failing to execute
  • The API contact resubscribe method was throwing an unknown exception if the contact information provided was invalid; this error message is now more helpful
  • There were a couple of instances of missing words when using an English language setting – ‘Email address’ from the unsubscribe page and ‘Message’ from the forward to a friend page; these have now been added
  • Validation has been added for uploading a document larger than 10MB to the document manager; previously this was resulting in an error
  • A modification has been implemented to prevent any possibility of attempting to add a contact to a deleted address book
  • A bug has been fixed in connection to removing and deleting all contacts from an address book
  • A rare bug has been fixed in which an error page could result when attempting to validate login
  • An issue which was causing some microsite pages to error has been fixed
  • The tracking site wasn’t decoding HTML encoded ampersands in URI components; this has now been fixed
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